Who makes Thommen Revue?

Who makes Thommen Revue?

Since early 2015, the REVUE THOMMEN watch trademark is operated by Swiss Initiative Limited, managed by Roland Buser, and under the license of GT Thommen Watch AG for the sole production and worldwide distribution.

Where are Revue Thommen watches made?

Revue Thommen: mechanical watches with a strong sense of tradition. To this day, Revue Thommen timepieces are handcrafted by highly qualified master watchmakers. Over the course of the company’s history, over 100 different GT movements have been engineered in its workshops in Switzerland.

How can you tell if a Movado is real?

A real Movado will be printed with the words “Swiss Movado Made” or “Swiss Made.” If it says “Swiss Movado Quartz,” it is not real. The word “MOVADO” must be printed in all caps. Look for the Movado logo on the inside of the watch. Remove the back cover and inspect the inner workings of the watch.

How do I know if a Movado watch is authentic?

What kind of watches does REVUE THOMMEN make?

Revue Thommen looks back on 168 years of experience and tradition in the manufacture of mechanically Swiss Made watches. Learn more about the legendary Icon Watches. The Revue Thommen Airspeed watch collection is based on an almost centennial tradition of manufacturing flight instruments and pilot watches.

Who are the owners of GT Thommen watch?

Co-owned and managed by the Thommen family, GT Thommen Watch AG continues the long tradition of manufacturing robust Swiss Made mechanical watches.

When did Andreas Thommen take over REVUE THOMMEN?

In 2012, Andreas Thommen along with four partners took over the Revue Thommen watch brands with the establishment of GT Thommen Watch AG.

When did thommens Uhrenfabrik AG change its name?

The company originally began under the name Société d’Horlogerie à Waldenbourg before it was taken over by an entrepreneur from the village of Waldenburg, Gédéon Thommen, in 1859. Thommen changed the name to Thommens Uhrenfabrik AG, and the company steadily produced thousands of watches each year.