How do I install Sims 3 without origin?

How do I install Sims 3 without origin?

Re: How can I install The Sims3 from disc WITHOUT using Origin?

  1. Pop the disk in (oh you know you’ve been waiting for this hot cake of misery )
  2. Go to your DVD RV Drive(E Sims3.
  3. Click Autorun.exe.
  4. Course Origin will ask for you to install ( but it’s just confirming the game)

Why is Sims 3 not opening?

Re: Origin won’t launch Sims 3 First, please delete or remove any Sims 3 game folder you currently have in Documents\Electronic Arts. (If there’s content you want to preserve, just move the folder to your desktop.) Disable OneDrive completely, at least for now. Run Origin as an admin again, and try to launch TS3.

How do I enable Mods in Sims 3?

The location is as follows: Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 3 > Mods > Packages . It’s recommended to only install one mod at a time, especially if the mods in question are core mods (i.e., it alters a key method of how the game runs).

Can you get Sims Mods on Origin?

Make sure you are connected to the internet, then open Origin, go to The Sims 4 in your Game Library, click on the Settings tab, and then click on the Update Game button. If your game does need any updates, Origin will automatically download and install them.

Where is the mod folder for Sims 3?

When asked where you want to extract the file to, extract them to the Mods folder in The Sims 3 documents folder. The location is as follows: Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 3 > Mods > Packages .

Does Sims 3 require Origin?

With the newer versions of Sims 3 (past Sept. 2012), Origin is a must for Sims 3. You can still install from disc (without having to download) but you do need to make an Origin account and active the game.

How do you install custom content on Sims 3?

When you’re finished placing the files in the Downloads folder, open the Sims 3 game launcher and click on the Download button which you can find on the left. Check each box of Custom Content that isn’t installed, and then click install. Done and done!

How do you download cc / mods with origin?

I’m still new to it all… CC does not have anything to do with Origin. You download it from non-EA sites and add it to your Mods folder (usually that means first extracting a .package file from a Zip or Rar file). Hello. These links explain how to install cc/mods into your game.

How to install.package files in Sims 3?

To install .package files from here on out, just place the extracted files into the “Packages” folder. You’re done! .sims3pack files are pretty easy and straight forward to install. If you just want to install one .sims3pack file, simply double-click on it and the launcher will start for you to install.

How to download a CC file for Sims 3?

In order to download your CC, you will need a program that can extract “archive” files, such as WinRar, 7zip… in case your download was compressed. After extracting your file, you need to know which type of file it is. You can tell what type of file you have by looking at its file extension. The Sims 3 CC come in 3 types.