Customer service is much more than a niche

Becoming an entrepreneur means starting your own business and trust us this is not an easy job. It comes with its own struggles and one needs to have some serious guts to overcome all such hurdles and obstacles.

These numerous challenges are enough to make shivers run down one’s spine and balk at the opportunity. We are saying this because the concept of risk-taking is alien to a majority of people. They give in to fear and uncertainty and dismiss the entire idea of trying something new.

However, it is very important for us to understand the concept of risk and that failures shape a person’s personality. Fear of failure and uncertainty should not keep one from stepping out into the real world. It is also very significant for us to follow the examples of those who have been through such nerve-wracking situations and attained success by just believing in themselves.

One such personality is Alex Bard, CEO of Assistly. She overcame her fears and accepted this difficult challenge not just once but thrice and she has been victorious all these times. What is the reason, you ask? Well, Alex says that focusing on the customers and making them, the priority has always given her the results. According to her, customer service is not just a niche; it is much more than that. Companies exist to solve the issues and problems of the customers.

Hence, Alex focused her entire attention on building and utilizing customer services software, which can solve all kinds of large and interesting problems. Her first startup was called ‘eShare’ Technologies that essentially began as a chat as well as community software creation in the year 1996. The company later introduced ‘NetAgent’, which was the first customer service tool that served as a one-to-one tool that assisted people throughout the buying process.

Winning the hearts of the customers by assisting them at every step of the way boosted the confidence of Alex who succeeded in growing her business and earning great revenue. So now that we know the importance of customer service, let us move forward and enlighten you with the ways that would assist you in creating a niche with your customer experience.


Assist immediately

What companies need to realize is that customers have all the power and knowledge now than they had a decade ago. They are more aware of their surroundings, the competition, and the market. They know about the offerings and services of different companies. In addition to this, they have Google at their disposal, which provides them with all the information in the world, further strengthening their concepts and expanding their knowledge base.

In simpler words, customers have a wide variety of alternatives and thus they can switch to a better option easily without much thought. For companies to offer an amazing experience, they must surely prioritize emotional support from the beginning until the end. Grading the problem and giving it utmost importance can bring about greater interest.

They should begin by offering assistance without delay also known as prompt service. This concept of prompt service is effectively being followed by a telecom company called Suddenlink. Suddenlink servicio al cliente en español, not only assists you immediately but also tries its best to find quick solutions to the customers’ problems via virtual chat. By following the examples of such companies, you can enhance your services and provide immediate response.

Customize your service according to the needs of the customers

Who does not like personalized facilities? In reality, personalization is resulting in a positive return on investment in the majority of the businesses in America and some countries in Europe. The reason that we are giving so much importance to personalized services is that such services are molded according to the needs of the customers and when the customers notice that the business is putting in so much effort to make things convenient for them, they start feeling special and valued.

We are aware that offering customer service online at the moment seems like a tough job; however, it will greatly help you in the near future and will surely differentiate you from your competitors. By studying the user’s location, preferences, and gender, companies can easily offer enhanced levels of customer service. Collecting data throughout the entire process can provide admissible recommendations as well as refined customer support in the long run.


Engage in comprehensible as well as effectual communication

Communication is the key element in every business and social setting. It plays a huge role in framing the customer experience.

For businesses to succeed, they must also realize that the world we are living in is slowly moving towards digitization. It is significant for companies to familiarize their employees with the current digital channels (be it social media applications, email, the option of live chat, etc.).

Practice mindfulness and focus on your mental health

By now we all know that customer service is not an easy job. It demands the representatives to focus on all the little details and carve a perfect solution out of it. The representatives need to realize the significance of the role and the timing of when they need to enter the picture or step away. Infuriated customers hurling abuses and numerous phone calls can give rise to feelings of anxiety and stress.

In such circumstances, the employees must practice mindfulness and prioritize their mental health. Because the idea is simple if you want to efficiently deal with your tasks, peers, and customers, you need to first be in a nice place mentally.

Just dealt with an angry customer over the phone? Well now is your time, go out for a refreshing walk in the park nearby, practice yoga, and breathe in and out a couple of times. Why do all of these activities? To exhale all the negative energy out.

In simpler words, do what you feel is best for your mental health and keep the feelings of positivity alive within yourself. It is very difficult to stay peaceful and collected when dealing with customers if you are on the verge of burnout.

Final words

You cannot function and survive without the support provided by your customers. Hence, just like all the successful people, invest in your customer support departments and make them feel valued. This will aid in the growth of your business thus helping you make your mark in this very competitive world.