Is Noad a word?

Is Noad a word?

The New Oxford American Dictionary (NOAD) has named its Word of the Year for 2009: unfriend. NOAD could have chosen friend, but that would have had to be explained: friend as a transitive verb. According to the NOAD, “foetus” has no etymological basis, but is common in British non-technical use.

What does mitten mean in slang?

In old slang a mitten was a hand, as the shortened form mitt has been in US parlance. We might guess that a formal handshake was a symbol of rejection. An even more effective one would have been a slap across the face, though the use of give and hand in the idiom suggests otherwise.

Is Esquivalience a real word?

And dictionaries include made-up words. The 2001 edition of the New Oxford American Dictionary contains a fake word, esquivalience, defined as “the willful avoidance of one’s official responsibilities; the shirking of duties.”

Is Nord A scrabble word?

No, nord is not in the scrabble dictionary.

Is node a word in scrabble?

Yes, node is in the scrabble dictionary.

Why are they called mittens?

mitten Add to list Share. A mitten is a cold-weather piece of clothing that you wear on your hand. Unlike gloves, which cover each finger individually, mittens cover your four fingers together, and your thumb separately. The word mitten comes from medietana, “divided in the middle” in Vulgar Latin.

Is a MIT a glove?

Baseball. a rounded glove with one internal section for the four fingers and another for the thumb and having the side next to the palm of the hand protected by a thick padding, used by catchers.

What does the word Mountweazel mean?

A Mountweazel is a bogus entry deliberately inserted in a reference work, usually as a safeguard against copyright infringement. The source of the term is the fictitious Lillian Virginia Mountweazel, a bogus entry in the fourth edition of The New Columbia Encyclopedia [NCE] (1975).

What are fake words in dictionaries called?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fictitious or fake entries are deliberately incorrect entries in reference works such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, maps, and directories.

What language is Nord?

Nord is the only French département in which a Dutch dialect is spoken along with French as a native language. It is the country’s most populous department.

Is nard a scrabble word?

Yes, nard is in the scrabble dictionary.