Why You May Need to Repair a Computer and What It’ll Cost

Why You May Need to Repair a Computer and What It’ll Cost

It’s safe to say that nearly everyone has a computer and is therefore faced with the dilemma of whether to repair the device when it malfunctions or purchase a new one. With prices of computers on the rise, many opt to go the repair route, but the question then becomes, where can I find a computer repair near me?

When making decisions about computer repair, it’s important to remember that not all brands are created equal. In fact, it has even been suggested that some computer brands are built to be disposable. Commonly, however, electrical engineering professionals and computer engineering teams collaborate to create reliable systems that perform better than expected — until an issue arises, that is.

Computer repair prices vary greatly from region to region. Some charge a flat rate per service, some charge hourly, and some combine the two. Depending on the actual problem you’re facing, though, you might be able to determine a rough ball part of the estimated cost. The following are the top reasons why computer owners may seek repairs, and how much the average cost might be. 

Lost data

Why You May Need to Repair a Computer and What It’ll Cost

Whether you accidentally deleted something important and can’t find it anywhere or shattered your laptop and are unable to access your files, you should seek out a computer technician in an attempt to recover the data you lost. According to the Home Guide, data recovery prices start at about $100 but depending on the type of file or files, whether the computer is functional, and the operating system you use, this can surely increase.

Slow system

Why You May Need to Repair a Computer and What It’ll Cost

If web pages and documents are taking forever to load, you’re facing a rather common problem. While this is probably the simplest issue you could have, that doesn’t make it any less frustrating when this happens. Generally, when your computer is running slow, it needs a diagnostic test to rule out anything more serious, then a quick tune-up should do the trick. Slow systems are usually the cause of useless files and programs taking up a computer system’s storage space. Depending on how much work is needed and whether there are viruses on the system, a PC tune-up typically costs between $99 and $179, depending on the services you require.

Viruses and malware

Why You May Need to Repair a Computer and What It’ll Cost

There are instances in which a virus infects an entire system only to deem it malfunction. This issue is often the result of a virus penetrating the computer’s operating system, causing it to shut down entirely. Though frustrating, this issue is surprisingly common. Whether the virus overtook one single program or your entire device, this is an issue that can be fixed. Though not all your files are guaranteed to be recovered, a computer tech can fix your computer for you, and the process will typically cost around $150 or so. 

Additional considerations

Why You May Need to Repair a Computer and What It’ll Cost

A great way to decide if the computer you’re having issues with is worth fixing is to find a repair company that offers free quotes. This way, if the computer isn’t worth saving, you can also get a quote for how much data retrieval will be.

If something in the hardware is broken like the power supply, the hard drive, the RAM, the repair may require additional work and equipment, and the costs are typically expected to be high. If you can’t find affordable computer repair in your area, data retrieval and a new laptop purchase would probably be your best bet. Be sure to shop around for your repair. A Google search for computer repair near me will bring up countless results, so be sure to choose the best option for your case.

When shopping around, it’s important to look for hidden costs. For example, while you might think that it’s a good idea to have a computer technician come to your house to check out your computer, some companies charge additionally for the travel. And, if they’re replacing a component, you will have to pay for the new part and the labor. That’s why it’s important to go with a reputable repair service, one that has clear payment options and is upfront about their estimations. uBreakiFix is one of these companies that offers free diagnostics, same-day repairs, and discloses prices upfront. By going with unreliable services, on the other hand, you may end up paying more than it would have cost to purchase a new system.