Who bought Unica?

Who bought Unica?

IBM to Buy Unica for $480 Million.

When did IBM acquire Unica?

In August 2010, IBM announced the intent to acquire Unica for $480M. In Oct 2010 the IBM acquisition of Unica was completed.

Who created Unica?

It was created in cooperation of Maurice Göldner and Christian Mengelt (who was a member of Team ’77 and authorised this implementation of Unica) for the Swiss type foundry Lineto.

What companies has IBM bought?

Since July 2020, IBM has also purchased hybrid cloud consultant Nordcloud; WDG for AI automation; SAP specialist TruQua Enterprises; as well as AIOps standout Instana. In arguably the biggest IT acquisition of 2019, IBM acquired Red Hat for $34 billion.

What is Unica Campaign?

Unica Campaign is the advanced campaign management solution that delivers customer targeting at scale with powerful segmentation capabilities for outbound, multi-channel, multi-wave batch campaign execution and tracking.

What is Unica platform?

Unica is a cloud native, fully integrated enterprise marketing automation platform that provides precision marketing at scale. Schedule Demo Learn More. PRECISION MARKETING. GOAL BASED MARKETING. MESSAGING WITHOUT LIMITS.

Does Microsoft own IBM?

Microsoft is a multinational computer technology corporation. In 1980, Microsoft formed a partnership with IBM to bundle Microsoft’s operating system with IBM computers; with that deal, IBM paid Microsoft a royalty for every sale.

What is the use of Unica?

Unica Interact is the module of the HCL Unica suite that performs real time segmentation based on API calls from an inbound channel. Interact performs customer segmentation in real time and recommends content based on their known customer profile or the actions performed during a visit.

Is Unica a CRM tool?

Easily access Unica CRM data within Message Studio to identify your most influential and profitable customers and automate relevant marketing programs. Programs can be based on key events within the customer database, web analytics data, purchase activity or other relevant data attributes.

How many subsidiaries does IBM have?

6 Companies Owned by IBM.

Who are the companies that have been acquired by IBM?

International Time Recording Company incorporated, acquiring the time-recording business of the Bundy Manufacturing Company and the Willard & Frick Manufacturing Company (Rochester). Chicago Time-Register Company acquired by International Time Recording Company. Dayton Moneyweight Scale Company acquired by Computing Scale Company.

Where was Unison Software created by Toshiba and IBM?

Unison Software. Dominion Semiconductor (Manassas, VA) is created by forming a 50/50 joint venture with Toshiba to produce 64MB and 256MB DRAM chips.

When did IBM sell Dominion semiconductor to Toshiba?

1999 – Dominion Semiconductor (DSC) IBM sells its 50% share to JV partner Toshiba. DSC becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Toshiba. 2001 – Information Services Extended department, developer of specialized databases and software for telephone directory assistance, is spun off to form privately held company ISx, Inc (later sold to Local Matters ).

When was the automatic accounting scale company acquired by IBM?

American Automatic Scale Company acquired as International Scale Company. Pierce Accounting Machine Company (asset purchase). Ticketograph Company (of Chicago). CTR was renamed “IBM”. 1930 Automatic Accounting Scale Company. 1932 National Counting Scale Company.