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What are the effects of Euphoria longan fruit?

What are the effects of Euphoria longan fruit?

Dried Euphoria longan fruit is prescribed as a tonic and for the treatment of forgetfulness, insomnia, or palpitations caused by fright in traditional Chinese medicine. The effects of aqueous extract of Euphoria longan fruit (ELE) on learning and memory and their underlying mechanisms were investigated.

What kind of tree is the longan tree?

Longan is a medium sized tree from China, it can be pruned to maintain a small tree size. This lychee relative has stiffer leaves, more wind resistance and fruits more prolifically and regularly than its famous cousin. The flesh is sweet and is usually eaten fresh but can be canned or dried.

Where can I buy a dried longan plant?

Dried longan ( Arillus euphoriae longanae) have a dark red wrinkled skin and pulp wrapped around a small black seed. (Sometimes the seed is removed when you buy dried longan, making them more of a golden color). Longan can be purchased at Asian or global food markets. They usually come packaged in small flat boxes with see-through lids.

Are there any clinical trials for longan fruit?

To be clear, that list is what traditional Eastern medicine purports. Those are not health advantages backed by Western medicine. In fact, if you look in the NIH’s PubMed database, you won’t find a single human clinical trial involving longan fruit.

Where can I buy a longan tree in California?

The constant warmth and lack of distinct seasons results in the tree not bearing fruit. While you’re unlikely to find a longan tree for sale in California at most nurseries, some areas in Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego counties can work well for growing it.

Why does longan fruit have a musky aftertaste?

As a food, it may be an acquired taste for you. This is because of a distinct musky aftertaste, which is experienced with some varieties more than others. It’s most noticeable on the dried longan, since the flavors are concentrated. But after you devour a bag or two, you should be hooked! Where can you buy it fresh?