Who are the actors in the TV series Homeland?

Who are the actors in the TV series Homeland?

(96 episodes, 2011-2020) Chip Johannessen (33 episodes, 2011-2020) Patrick Harbinson (22 episodes, 2013-2020) Charlotte Stoudt (14 episodes, 2013-2017) Anya Leta (12 episodes, 2018) Nick Leith Baker (12 episodes, 2020) Jonathan Redding (12 episodes, 2020) Meredith Stiehm

When does Homeland Season 4 start on Showtime?

Homeland (season 4) Jump to navigation Jump to search. Season American political thriller television series Homeland. The fourth season of the American television drama series Homeland premiered on October 5, 2014, and concluded on December 21, 2014, on Showtime, consisting of 12 episodes.

What happens at the end of Homeland episode 11?

A knock on the door signals one of Carrie’s men has arrived, with gloves he’s taken from the German woman’s car. Carrie realizes she’s helped Quinn build a bomb for a possible suicide mission and, piece by piece, the severity of what Quinn is undertaking is coming into clarity.

Who is Kiran in Homeland Season 4 Episode 11?

Livelihoods and lives are on the line here. For the first time in several episodes, we revisit Aayan’s ex-girlfriend, Kiran. At the hospital where she works, she’s found photos taken of Aayan’s murder in her mailbox. Quinn, who had gotten her to meet him in an empty room within the hospital, had left the photos.

Series cast summary: Claire Danes Carrie Mathison 96 episodes, 2011-2020 Mandy Patinkin Saul Berenson 96 episodes, 2011-2020 Rupert Friend Peter Quinn 57 episodes, 2012-2018 Maury Sterling Max Piotrowski 45 episodes, 2011-2020 F. Murray Abraham Dar Adal 43 episodes, 2012-2018

What was the error code in the series Homeland?

(Error Code: 102630) A bipolar CIA operative becomes convinced a prisoner of war has been turned by al-Qaeda and is planning to carry out a terrorist attack on American soil. Carrie improvises to salvage her mission. The CIA closes in on a leak. Error: please try again. Tensions rise and truths are revealed in this explosive series finale.

What was Brody’s rank in Season 1 of Homeland?

Brody’s uniform ranking changes several times throughout season 1. At highest rank on service uniform he has the ranking of Gunnery Sergeant. In dress blues to attend dinner, he is shown with only a Sergeant ranking.