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What is the fastest car in CSR Racing 1?

What is the fastest car in CSR Racing 1?

the koenigsegg agera r can reach 308MPH and in the end of the video you can see how to reach it in device.

What is the best Tier 1 car in CSR Racing?

Tier 1: Golf Or Mustang At this tier, we have two recommendations: Golf GTI and Mustang Boss 302. The power of Mustang has no match, especially at the beginning of the game. It is a heavy car but once it starts accelerating, it is really, really fast.

Is CSR Racing 1 offline?

On the 1st of May 2018 the CSR Racing online servers were turned off, removing the multiplayer element of the game. The game will still run locally on your device but will not connect to our servers.

What does CSR stand for in CSR Racing?

3. This appears to be correct at least according to the wiki: “CSR, short for “Custom Street Racing”, was initially an illegal street racing organization that was made legal some time before the events of CSR Racing…”

Can you still play csr 1?

The original CSR Racing and CSR Classics games will soon be offline only, with final multiplayer seasons starting on Dec 20th and 21st. We’re proudly passing the mantle of competitive live racing on to CSR Racing 2 and hope you’ll join us on the track!

Why is CSR2 not working?

Try force closing CSR 2 and switching your device off & on, or disabling & then re-enabling your WiFi/Mobile connection. Load CSR 2 back up to see if this has helped. Make sure you’re using the latest operating system for your device and that the CSR 2 app is running on the latest version.

What are the new season cars for CSR2?

I will update here the current (and upcoming, as much as possible) season cars that will be featured in CSR2 – especially the Crew Milestone Car and the Prestige Cup car.

How long are boss cars in CSR 1?

Tier 2: 35 minutes. Tier 3: 45 minutes. Tier 4: 60 minutes. Tier 5: 90 minutes. All Boss Cars won in High Stakes Challenges and Pro cars are delivered immediately. Max ratings are with all upgrades fitted. Max ratings in brackets are the highest ratings possible, achieved by removing some upgrades.

When to get the CSR2 cars prestige Cup?

Get your CSR2 Cars Prestige Cup ready, and earn maximum RP for your Crew in Season 132. Right from the very beginning. Master the Shax story and Tempest challenges with maximum ease.

How many days does a season of CSR2 last?

Every season follows a 14-days schedule with a fixed schedule for the trials. Play CSR2 on PC & Mac for FREE!