What size are boat trailer axles?

What size are boat trailer axles?

Typically the 2 x 2 Galvanized Axles are used with Boat Trailers spending most of their useful life in Saltwater environments, while the Painted Steel 2 3/8″ Round Axles would be used in mostly Freshwater Environments. The Two Main differences between these axles would be the Shape and the Construction.

Are boat trailer axles different?

There are two types of axles common to Boat Trailers: Spring axles are those that are used with springs to cushion the load. Torsion axles use a rubber insert into the tube to hold the arm and spindle to cushion the load. The best axle to use is a matter of opinion.

Do single axle boat trailers have brakes?

Usually, single axle trailers don’t come equipped with brakes from the factory. For the most part trailers with two axles or more, come equipped with brakes.

Can you add brakes to a boat trailer?

You can add brakes to your trailer since it sounds like you have 4-bolt brake flanges in place. Boat trailers more and more these days are being fitted with OEM electric drum brakes since they cost so much less and are easier to install and maintain than hydraulic drums or discs.

How do I know my trailer axle size?

How to Determine Weight Capacity of Trailer Axle To find the load capacity for your axle you should look on the trailer VIN plate or sticker that lists the VIN number. The weight rating of the axle should be listed on that same plate or sticker.

Do I really need brakes on my boat trailer?

The most-common law requires any trailer weighing more than 3,000 pounds to have brakes, but some states have no rule regarding brakes and others require brakes on all trailers. For trailers with more than one axle, some states require brakes on all axles, some require brakes only on a single axle.

How do you know if your boat trailer has brakes?

So, do boat trailers have brakes? When it comes to transporting your boat by attaching it to the back of your car, the boat itself will not have brakes that you can use when you need to stop your vehicle. The trailer that the boat is attached to will have the brakes.

What kind of brakes do boat trailers have?

The three types of boat trailer brakes are defined as electric, surge, and air brakes. All of these braking systems use different methods to stop the boat on the command of the driver, and are all connected to the vehicle that leads the boat.

What do you need for a boat trailer axle kit?

Boat Trailer Axle kits include several different individual trailer parts. The most integral parts of your boat trailers running gear would be the boat trailer axle, and the trailer hubs. This category contains all the needed components for you to put together your ideal trailer axle kit to get your boat back in the water.

What are the brakes on a boat trailer?

Electric Over Hydraulic Brakes use an electrically powered actuator that is controlled through the tow vehicles braking system, which allows the actuator to create the hydraulic pressure to slow and stop the trailer. With both of these options, you can use either Disc Brakes, or Drum Brakes mounted to the axle.

What kind of brakes do etrailer axle trailers use?

The 8″ rotors feature a 5 on 4-1/2 bolt pattern. Two brakes fit 3,500-lb E-Z lube axles with 14″ to 15″ wheels. E-coat finish on hubs, rotors, calipers, and brackets resists corrosion. Inner bearings (L68149), outer bearings (L44649), races, grease seals, and grease caps included.

What are the dimensions of a trailer axle?

Trailer axle measures 89″ from hub face to hub face and 74″ from spring center to spring center. Includes complete electric brake assemblies, hubs, drums, bearings, races, seals … of your wheels, the brake type and the aforementioned lengths.