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What is the definition of rezone?

What is the definition of rezone?

transitive verb. law. : to change the zoning of (an area) : to designate (a zone or zones of a city, town, or borough) for a new purpose or use through a change in the applicable zoning regulations …

What is meant by rezoning?

to reclassify (a property, neighborhood, etc.) as belonging to a different zone or being subject to different zoning restrictions.

What does Stunked mean?

verb. a past tense and past participle of stink.

What are the reason for rezoning?

The basic reason to rezoning is that as a community changes the appropriate uses of individual properties change. For example, a rezone may be considered where the land uses around a property have changed or market demands have changed.

What is the rezoning process?

The rezoning process Engage the local council’s Strategic Planning division to make sure that you provide a good application. In most cases, rezoning applications require an application fee. Before moving forward, the council must resolve to support the planning proposal at an Ordinary Meeting of Council.

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How do you rezone?

How to Rezone Property

  1. Survey your property and surrounding area.
  2. Do your research on the rules in your area.
  3. Talk with your surrounding neighbors or landowners.
  4. Application to rezone.
  5. Planning Review.
  6. Meeting with the planning commission.
  7. Meeting with the governing body.

How do you oppose rezoning?

Consider Filing a Petition Opposing the Land Use A petition is most effective if it clearly states what the signatories are opposing and why. However, a petition will most likely not be sufficient to preserve anyone’s right to appeal, should the zone change be approved.

What is the meaning of the word rezone?

Other Words from rezone. rezoning noun, plural rezonings. … opposition to the development arose because commercial rezoning of the property was necessary to the development.

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Why do some communities have to rezone their neighborhoods?

— Michael Knight However many at-home workers there are, their numbers are large enough to cause some communities to rezone neighborhoods so that certain kinds of work … can take place there … — Lynette Lamb … opposition to the development arose because commercial rezoning of the property was necessary to the development.