Why is my Samsung phone sending text messages twice?

Why is my Samsung phone sending text messages twice?

This is caused by a software issue where your device does not properly signal the network that it has received the initial message, so the network sends your device the same message multiple times. First, make sure your software is up to date by going into Settings > About Device > Software Update.

Why does my phone show 2 text messages?

Sorry, but when you say “multiple badges,” do you mean that the unread count badge on the Messaging app says you have 2 or 3 unread messages, where in fact you only have one? Go to Settings>Apps, tap Menu>Show System, and look for something like BadgeProvider. Select it and tap Storage, then Clear Cache/Clear Data.

Can Samsung phones group text with iphones?

How to Send Group Texts to iPhone Users from Android? As long as you set the MMS settings correctly, you can send group messages to any of your friends even if they are using an iPhone or a non-Android device.

Why is my iPhone not receiving texts from Samsung?

Tip 1: Check Message App Settings A faulty Message app setting can be the reason for iPhone not receiving texts from Android. To check Messages app settings, go to Settings > Messages > and then make sure that SMS, MMS, iMessage, and Group messaging are turned on.

How do I stop my iPhone from repeating text messages?

Here’s how to turn the feature off, or if you’re really crazy, get the notification to repeat even more. Go to Settings > Notifications > Messages and scroll down. Select Repeat Alerts and then change it from Once to Never, or however many times you want the alert to repeat.

Why does iPhone send multiple texts?

The full steps to fix an iPhone sending multiple texts are: Turn off iMessage (setting/messages) Correct number in settings/phone/my number. Turn iMessage back on (setting/messages) Ensure it is sending from the correct number (setting/messages/send & Receive)

Why do I get multiple text messages iPhone?

Another setting that involves sending notifications to multiple numbers could be the issue as well. Ensure that only your phone number is listed in the “You can be reached by iMessage at” area. If you have an email address or anything else listed, it could cause duplicate text messages.

Why is group text not working on iPhone?

To send an SMS message, you need cellular network connection. If you’re trying to send group MMS messages on an iPhone, go to Settings > Messages and turn on MMS Messaging. If you don’t see an option to turn on MMS Messaging or Group Messaging on your iPhone, then your carrier might not support this feature.

Why can’t I text in a group chat with iPhone and Android?

Yes, that is why. Group messages that contain non-iOS devices require a cellular connection, and cellular data. These group messages are MMS, which requires cellular data. While iMessage will work with wi-fi, SMS/MMS will not.

Why am I not getting some texts on my iPhone?

What to do when your iPhone isn’t receiving messages. Your first step should be to restart your iPhone. Often, just turning it off and back on again can solve myriad problems with apps, network connections, and other technical glitches. Check your network connection to make sure that you have connectivity.

Why is my iPhone not alerting me when I get text messages?

Go to Settings > Notifications > Messages and verify that Show on Lock Screen is toggled on. For sound alerts, also check that Settings > Notifications > Messages > Sounds has an alert type selected and does not display None or Vibrate Only unless that’s the setting you want.

What to do if your Samsung phone wont show your text messages?

If you are using Textra as the default messaging app on the Samsung phone, when the above problem happens, you should go to the Settings and turn off Advanced Messaging on your Galaxy phone. After that, go back to Textra and you can see all your messages again – both long and short messages.

How to fix Galaxy S20 not receiving text messages?

1 Make sure the S20 can receive text. Before doing anything, try sending a text message from your S20 to your own number. 2 Try to see if it’s from one iPhone only. Are you not receiving a text message from a certain iPhone? 3 Reset the network settings of your galaxy s20. 4 Factory reset your phone.

Why is my iPhone not receiving text messages?

This will immediately rule out the possibility that the problem is with your phone. If the message goes through and you can receive it, then it means that your phone is just fine. The problem could be with the iPhone. Are you not receiving a text message from a certain iPhone?

Why is my iMessage not working on my Samsung phone?

Other times, iMessage may still be enabled if you just switched from an iPhone, which could make texts get stuck in limbo. If you stopped receiving messages after a software update, functionality may also be restored by changing the default messaging app.