What is Opatija known for?

What is Opatija known for?

Opatija (Croatian pronunciation: [ɔpǎtija]; Italian: Abbazia, German: Sankt Jakobi) is a town and a municipality in Primorje-Gorski Kotar County in western Croatia. The traditional seaside resort on the Kvarner Gulf is known for its Mediterranean climate and its historic buildings reminiscent of the Austrian Riviera.

Is Opatija worth visiting?

Opatija in Croatia is a real highlight on the Adriatic coast and certainly one of the places most worth seeing in Kvarner Bay. Already a trendy resort back in the 19th century, this pretty coastal town near Rijeka is once again in vogue today.

Which country is Opatija?

Opatija, Italian Abbazia, resort town, one of the best-known coastal resorts in Istria, western Croatia. It is situated at the head of the Kvarner, a gulf of the Adriatic Sea along the eastern side of the Istrian peninsula. Opatija, Croatia.

Is there an airport in Opatija?

Getting to Opatija Rijeka Airport is the nearest airport to Opatija; see our Getting to the Kvarner Riviera page for more details on flights from the UK and Europe to Rijeka. Pula Airport would also be suitable for reaching Opatija; see our Getting to Istria page for details of flights to there.

How do I get to Opatija Croatia?

The nearest airport to Opatija is Rijeka (RJK) Airport which is 24.5 km away. Other nearby airports include Ljubljana (LJU) (100.5 km), Zagreb (ZAG) (144 km), Venice (VCE) (154.4 km) and Venice Treviso (TSF) (167.5 km).

Is Rijeka worth visiting?

3. Re: Worth visiting? Rijeka is one of 3 big cities in Croatia (big city for Croatia means 100.000 inhabitants), major port nowadays and industrial center in old times. It is interesting city by urban criteria, but noth much interesting in it for the tourists in short visit.

How do I get from Rijeka to Opatija?

The cheapest way to get from Rijeka to Opatija is to drive which costs 13 kn – 20 kn and takes 17 min. What is the fastest way to get from Rijeka to Opatija? The quickest way to get from Rijeka to Opatija is to taxi which costs 210 kn – 250 kn and takes 17 min.

How is Rijeka pronounced?

Break ‘Rijeka’ down into sounds: [REE] + [EK] + [UH] – say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you can consistently produce them.

What to see and do in Opatija, Croatia?

While walking along the Lungomare, the famous 12-km long coastal promenade, one can admire many magnificent villas – prime examples of Belle Époque architecture, discover monuments commemorating people important in the local history or statues that have become symbolic of Opatija (such as the Girl with the Seagull).

How many people live in the town of Opatija?

, the municipality had 11,659 inhabitants in total, of which 6,657 lived in the urban settlement. The town is a popular summer and winter resort, with average high temperatures of 10 °C in winter, and 32 °C in summer. Opatija is surrounded by beautiful woods of bay laurel.

How to get from Zagreb to Opatija by train?

Opatija is a 5 hours drive from major cities of southern and central parts of Europe. By plane Opatija can be reached from over 5 international airports less than 2 hours of transfer. Train from Zagreb to Opatija comes via Rijeka (15 km), and from Ljubljana to station Opatija-Matulji (6 km).

Where is the bathing beach in Opatija located?

Joseph Rable printed Curort und Seebad Abbazia (Spa and the bathing beach in Opatija), and Peter von Radics wrote a guidebook simply titled Abbazia. In 1908 a tramway line was opened, running from Matulji station along the coast via Opatija down to Lovran in the south.