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What database is CINAHL?

What database is CINAHL?

The world’s most comprehensive nursing and allied health research database, CINAHL provides full text for hundreds of journals indexed in the CINAHL database, and includes a higher number of records, additional journals, records dating back to 1937 and expanded content.

How can I access CINAHL?

To access CINAHL from the library home page: select Article Databases → Nursing. CINAHL appears near the top of the list of linked databases. Or access CINAHL here.

What is the difference between ebsco and CINAHL?

EBSCO databases support all learning types through textual and visual subject browse and information literacy training through subject access points in more than 30 languages. Watch video to learn more. CINAHL Complete includes 3,604 active indexed and abstracted journals. 3,112 of them are peer-reviewed.

What is the difference between PubMed and CINAHL?

CINAHL is a database that indexes journals, books, audiovisuals, pamphlets, software, dissertations, and research instruments in all of the allied health professions. PubMed is a database that indexes journal articles in the life sciences, concentrating on biomedical information.

Is CINAHL a good database?

It is considered that some databases are more useful than others for specific types of review, and CINAHL is generally thought to be a good source to search when conducting a review of qualitative evidence [5–7].

Is CINAHL an ebsco?

CINAHL (Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature) is an index of English-language and selected other-language journal articles about nursing, allied health, biomedicine and healthcare. The publisher, Cinahl Information Systems, was acquired by EBSCO Publishing in 2003. …

Is CINAHL free to the public?

Use the Limit Your Results tab in this guide for tips. It’s free: If you search for articles using Google or Yahoo, you may be asked to pay for the full text of an article. You will never be charged for an article in the library databases.

Is CINAHL a reliable database?

Who owns CINAHL?

EBSCO Publishing
The publisher, Cinahl Information Systems, was acquired by EBSCO Publishing in 2003. CINAHL has been provided on the Web by EBSCO Publishing, Ovid Technologies and ProQuest, in addition to Cinahl Information Systems, and also provided online by DataStar from Dialog.

Is MEDLINE and CINAHL the same?

Shaw’s [4] comparison of thesaurus terms for qualitative research across MEDLINE, Embase, Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINAHL), British Nursing Index, Applied Social Sciences Index and Abstracts (ASSIA) and Social Science Citation Index shows that in 2004 both CINAHL and MEDLINE included …

Does CINAHL include MEDLINE?

The cumulative index to nursing and allied health literature CINAHL indexes approximately 13 occupational therapy–related journals not covered by MEDLINE and includes citations to books, book chapters, and dissertations. Access to CINAHL is by paid subscription only.

What databases should nurses use?

Major Research Databases

  • CINAHL Plus with Full Text. CINAHL covers literature related to nursing and allied health.
  • Cochrane Library.
  • EMBASE : Excerpta Medica Database.
  • ERIC on EBSCOhost.
  • HAPI: Health and Psychosocial Instruments :
  • MEDLINE through Ovid (1947 to Present)
  • MEDLINE via PubMed@UIC.
  • PsycINFO.

What does CINAHL stand for?

CINAHL stands for the Cumulative Index of Nursing and Allied Health Literature and is the largest and most in-depth nursing research database. The CINAHL Plus with Full Text database provides full text for 768 journals, and indexing for 5,000 journals from the fields of nursing and allied health.

What is CINAHL Complete?

What is CINAHL? CINAHL stands for the Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature, and the CINAHL Complete database allows you to search for articles in hundreds of nursing journals. In addition to journal articles, you’ll also find evidence-based care sheets, quick lessons, legal cases, clinical trials, and more.

What is CINAHL nursing?

CINAHL is an index of the nursing and allied health literature. It indexes publications from several of the prominent nursing associations as well as from many publishers. Often the articles may be attached in full text. It is of use to nurses and other medical personnel, and also social workers, counselors,…