What happened Jeanne Crain?

What happened Jeanne Crain?

Crain died of a heart attack at her Santa Barbara home early Sunday morning, according to her son, Paul Brinkman Jr. “Pinky” (1949) brought Crain’s only Oscar recognition, a nomination for best actress.

How old was Jeanne Crain when she died?

78 years (1925–2003)
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Jeanne Crain, the winsome beauty who specialized in frothy film comedies in the 1940’s and won an Oscar nomination for her starring role as a black girl passing for white in the Elia Kazan movie ”Pinky,” died on Sunday at her home in Santa Barbara, Calif. She was 78.

Is actress Jeanne Crain still alive?

Deceased (1925–2003)
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When was Jeanne Crain born?

May 25, 1925
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Jeanne Crain, actress: born Barstow, California 25 May 1925; married 1945 Paul Brinkman (died 2003; two sons, three daughters, and two sons deceased); died Santa Barbara, California 14 December 2003.

Did Jeanne Crain sing in Gentlemen Marry Brunettes?

Waller, Harry Brooks, and Andy Razaf) – Sung and Danced by Alan Young, Jane Russell, Jeanne Crain (dubbed by Anita Ellis) and Chorus.

What race is Jeanne Crain?

Born in California of Irish-Catholic parents, Jeanne (pronounced Jean) Crain won the Miss Long Beach beauty contest in her teens, going on to become Camera Girl of 1942.

What nationality is Jeanne Crain?

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Where is Jeanne Crain buried?

Santa Barbara Cemetery, Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States
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Is Gentlemen Marry Brunettes a sequel?

But Gentlemen Marry Brunettes is a 1927 novel written by Anita Loos. It is the sequel to her 1925 novel Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. The plot follows the further adventures of Lorelei Lee and Dorothy Shaw and is illustrated by Ralph Barton.

Is Gentlemen Marry Brunettes a sequel to Gentlemen Prefer Blondes?

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