What does backlash mean?

What does backlash mean?

1a : a sudden violent backward movement or reaction. b : the play between adjacent movable parts (as in a series of gears) also : the jar caused by this when the parts are put into action. 2 : a snarl in that part of a fishing line wound on the reel.

What does facing backlash mean?

A backlash against a tendency or recent development in society or politics, is a sudden, strong reaction against it.

What is the synonym of backlash?

In this page you can discover 18 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for backlash, like: reaction, repercussion, adverse reaction, revolt, fizzle, resentment, recoil, retaliation, snag, tangle and rebound.

Where does the term backlash come from?

backlash (n.) 1815, of machinery, “reaction of wheels on each other produced by an inconstant load,” from back (adj.) + lash (n.) “a blow, stroke.” In metaphoric sense, it is attested from 1929.

What is Baklad?

Verb. baklád. to peep; to look, especially while trying not to be seen or noticed.

Is Backlashing a word?

verb Present participle of backlash .

What is emotional backlash?

2 readily or excessively affected by emotion. 3 appealing to or arousing emotion. an emotional piece of music.

What is opposite of backlash?

Opposite of the impact or consequence of an action. triviality. unimportance. irrelevance. trivialness.

What is the opposite of backlash?

What is the opposite of backlash?

triviality unimportance
frivolousness inconsequence
inconsequentiality paltriness
trifle negligibility
negligibleness baseness

What is fish corral?

Fish corrals are guiding barriers which are set in different depths of sheltered waters to intercept fishes during their mi- gration, impounding them into the collecting chamber where they are caught.

What is salting equipment?

The equipment facilitates consistent salting of cheeses in a reduced time. The cheeses are held in the brine for a short time in order to stabilise the cheese and to ensure consistent salting. Similarly, the dimensions of the shelf grids are adapted to ensure a good circulation of the brine around the cheeses.

What is backlash and interference?

3. Interference is maximum when the largest pinion is in mesh with the smallest gear. Explanation: It is maximum when smallest pinion is in mesh with the largest gear. Explanation: Backlash=Tooth space-tooth thickness, greater the backlash lower is the tooth thickness. 8.

What does the name Backlash mean?

In mechanical engineering, backlash, sometimes called lash or play, is a clearance or lost motion in a mechanism caused by gaps between the parts.

What is the plural of backlash?

The plural form of backlash is backlashes.

What is another word for backlash?

backfire, backlash, recoil(verb) come back to the originator of an action with an undesired effect. “Your comments may backfire and cause you a lot of trouble”. Synonyms: rebound, spring, quail, flinch, bound, funk, kick, squinch , ricochet, kick back, cringe, bounce, wince, recoil, backfire, resile, reverberate, take a hop, shrink.