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Who is Viktor Bout and what does he do?

Who is Viktor Bout and what does he do?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. Viktor Anatolyevich Bout (/buːt/; Russian: Ви́ктор Анато́льевич Бут; born 13 January 1967) is a Russian arms dealer.

Where is Viktor Bout the Merchant of death?

Bout is currently languishing in a maximum security prison in Bangkok after being arrested in March last year in a sting operation by American agents. The United States has requested his extradition and final court hearings are expected to take place next week.

Why was Viktor Bout sentenced to 25 years in prison?

On 2 November 2011, Bout was convicted by a jury in a Manhattan federal court of conspiracy to kill U.S. citizens and officials, delivery of anti-aircraft missiles, and providing aid to a terrorist organization, and was sentenced to 25 years’ imprisonment.

Who was Viktor Bout’s manager in Sharjah?

In 1993, Bout began collaborating with Syrian -born Richard Chichakli, and in 1995 the Sharjah International Airport in the United Arab Emirates hired Chichakli to be the commercial manager of its new free-trade zone. Bout began using the UAE’s free trade zone and Chichakli was, at one time, called Bout’s “financial manager” by the United States.

What did Viktor Bout have to do with the FARC?

Bout was accused of intending to smuggle arms to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) for use against U.S. forces in Colombia, but denied his charges and predicted an acquittal.

What did Viktor Bout do in the Soviet Army?

Bout’s personal website stated that he served in the Soviet Army as a translator, holding the rank of lieutenant.

Why was Viktor Bout called the Merchant of death?

Bout was nicknamed the Merchant of Death and Sanctions Buster for his reported wide-reaching operations, extensive clientele, and willingness to bypass embargoes.