What are the different colors of Air Jordans?

What are the different colors of Air Jordans?

The following year, Nike took advantage of this and scored a tremendous marketing coup, introducing additional colorways like Chicago and Black Toe, which had more white in them. Royal Blue and Black/Red were other major colorways introduced during this time. The shoe’s outlaw status remained, making it a constantly and consistently desired item.

Why did the Air Jordan 10 come out?

The lightweight Air Jordan 10 arrived as a tribute to Jordan and was lined with his accomplishments on the sole, and worn around the league by players in other cities, including Sacramento. The homage proved to be premature, however, as Jordan wasn’t actually done with basketball.

Where can I buy Air Jordan 1 sneakers?

From OG colorways like the Jordan 1 Banned to collaborations like the Jordan 1 Travis Scott, shop Air Jordan 1 shoes in every colorway and silhouette on StockX. The Air Jordan 1 is the original outlaw sneaker.

What was the first shoe Jordan ever wore?

What many fans may not know is that the first Nike shoe Jordan actually wore before the Air Jordan 1 dropped was the Nike Air Ship, as they were close enough in style that Nike figured no one would notice that they weren’t Air Jordans.

What was the name of the first Air Jordan?

When people talk about classic basketball shoes, they’re thinking of the Air Jordan 1. These shoes have history, and there’s no denying their prominence in the realm of basketball footwear. Now the very first Air Jordan from Nike is back in a big way, perfect for everything from court moves to lazy strolls.

What kind of Air Jordans are retro high?

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG GS ‘Shadow … Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG ‘University … Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG ‘Court Purp … Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Retro Hig … Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG GS ‘Hyper R …

When did the Air Jordan 1 Retro collection come out?

Another Jordan 1 shoe in the collection was “Chicago,” a reissue of the best-seller that combined bright red and white with hints of black on the laces and the legendary Nike Swoosh on the sides. In 2001, the Nike dropped another Air Jordan 1 retro lineup.