How to get Golden Sun password?

How to get Golden Sun password?

The password is obtained from the first game’s Send menu, which is made accessible by holding left on the D-pad and the R shoulder button simultaneously while pressing Start on the game’s main menu. A Clear Data file must be present on the game’s Continue menu in order for the Send option to appear.

How do you exit the debug room in Golden Sun?

When you reload, hold L+Start and press A to load your game, and you will be warped back to the sanctum. Go to the room in Venus Lighthouse which is right before the final room (the room before the room with the Psynergy Stone where you drop to go to the aerie). Save and turn off the system completely.

How do I transfer data from Golden Sun?

To get to the transfer options, hold down L and R at the black screen with the “Golden Sun” logo and menu at the bottom. Hit Left on the D-Pad and the B button at the same time, and a new menu option for “Send” should appear with an envelope icon. In the Send menu, you can pick one of the three save slots to send.

How do you get a Sol blade?

In Dark Dawn, the Sol Blade is found in the final area of the game at Apollo Sanctum; after using the Colored Orbs on their respective pedestals and the Apollo Lens starts to get set up, players are to proceed south of the topmost part of the screen to where the Sol Blade is in the ground, and Matthew will draw it out …

How do you name everyone in Golden Sun?

Name Extra Characters When you first start a new game and the screen comes up to Isaac, name him, and then before ending, press select 3 times. If you did it right, you should hear a chime. Press END and you’ll be able to name Garet, Ivan, and Mia.

How do you get a Sol Blade?

Are there any Golden Sun cheats for Gameboy Advance?

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Where to find Golden Sun Game Shark codes?

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What do you get for redeeming code on Roblox?

StrikeAPose – Redeem code for a free Hustle Hat (Must be redeemed in this game) SettingTheStage – Redeem code for a free Build it Backpack (Must be redeemed in this game) WorldAlive – Redeem code for a free Crystalline Companion (Must be redeemed in this game) GetMoving – Redeem code for free Speedy Shades (Must be redeemed in this game)

What are the stats for all the characters in Golden Sun?

In the codes below, the Stats on all the characters are maxed out: 1999 for HP and PP, 511 for Attack, Defense, and Agility, and 99 for Luck.