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What are kimtech wipes used for?

What are kimtech wipes used for?

With a legacy of more than 60 years of being the go-to wipe for cleaning surfaces, parts, instruments in labs, laboratory lenses, and medical offices, these wipes easily clean liquids, dust and small particles. Plus, the anti-static dispensing design reduces electrostatic discharge.

What is kimwipes made of?

Kimwipes’ material is developed from soft and non-abrasive virgin wood pulp making them ideal for delicate and sensitive surfaces like eyeglass lenses. Although the use of wood pulp goes back centuries, now, technology allows for the softest, strongest materials ever created.

Is kimtech Kimberly Clark?

Exam glove branding and packaging graphics will change from Kimberly-Clark™ to Kimtech™ Brand. This is intended to make it easier to select products that are designed specifically for critical environments.

Is kimwipes ESD safe?

Handy pop-up dispensing of the wipes provides an anti-static shield that reduces lint and electrostatic discharge, while also keeping wipes clean and fresh. Reducing electrostatic discharge is especially important in sensitive environments such as research labs.

Can you autoclave kimwipes?

KIMTECH SCIENCE* KIMWIPES* Delicate Task Wiper is a light duty wiper that can handle a variety of delicate tasks. KIMTECH PURE* CL5 Wipers are ideally suited for ISO Class 5 or higher cleanrooms. Use for surface wiping in cleanroom environments. Can be Autoclave or ETO sterilized.

What is special about kimwipes?

Kimwipes are specially designed paper fiber optic cleaning wipes which can be used for cleaning laboratory equipment and instruments, camera lens, fiber optic connectors and other electronic items. Kimwipes have a high tensile strength which reduces tearing during cleaning yet are soft and non-abrasive.

Can you use kimwipes on glasses?

OK for glasses small rangefinder lenses and light wiping but don’t bother with them if you intend to clean larger camera lens elements.

Are Kim Wipes sterile?

For over 60 years, Kimwipes have been the #1 lap wiper on the market. From sterile pre-saturated cleanroom wipers to this wiper – which is the industry standard for labs and research.

Where are kimtech gloves manufactured?

The innovative gloves manufacturing technology delivers a comfortable and affordable glove with all the protection and cleanliness you need for ISO Class 3 or higher cleanrooms….Details.

Brand Kimtech™
Cuff Style Poignets repliés
Material Nitrile
RightCycle Yes

What’s special about kimwipes?

Kimwipes have a high tensile strength which reduces tearing during cleaning yet are soft and non-abrasive. These wipes are also highly absorbent allowing them to be used for wet cleaning of fiber optic connectors with the FCC2 Fiber Optic Cleaning Fluid or as a dry cleaning solution.

Are kimwipes sterile?

Are kimwipes anti static?

Kimtech Science™ Kimwipes™ Delicate Task Wipers can handle a variety of delicate tasks. Their anti-static dispensing reduces lint and electrostatic discharge and controls usage.