What album is smile by Tupac on?

What album is smile by Tupac on?

The Untouchable

When did smile for me come out?

“Smile for Me” is a song composed by Barry Gibb in 1968 and made popular by the Tigers. It was produced by Biddu….Smile for Me (The Tigers song)

“Smile for Me”
Single by The Tigers
Released July 1969 (United Kingdom, Japan)
Recorded London, England
Genre Baroque pop, psychedelic pop, art rock

What school did Tupac go to?

Tamalpais High School
Baltimore School For the ArtsPaul Laurence Dunbar High School
Tupac Shakur/Education

What is little smile called?

A timid / tender smile. A warm / sympathetic / fond smile. An amiable / engaging / thoughtful smile. A knowing / charming / suggestive smile. A quasi smile.

When did Scarface release the song ” Smile “?

It was originally released with a different beat and chorus on Death Row’s Greatest Hits Compilation Album on November 26, 1996, entitled: “Smile for me now”, then later released on Scarface’s Album “Untouchable” on Mar. 11, 1997. “Smile” was one of the last songs 2Pac recorded before his death.

What’s the name of the song by Scarface?

“Smile” is the lead single released from Scarface’s fourth album, The Untouchable.

Who is the singer of the song Smile?

Smile (Scarface song) It was produced by Scarface, Mike Dean and Tone Capone and featured an appearance from 2Pac, as well as R&B singer Johnny P. “Smile” was a huge success, becoming Scarface’s biggest charting and most successful single to date, making it to 12 on the Billboard Hot 100 . The chorus, sung by Johnny P,…

Who was the chorus to Scarface by Puff Daddy?

Music executive J Prince, in a 2018 interview with Rap Radar, stated that he asked Puff Daddy if the Notorious B.I.G. would also like to feature on the song, but after discovering that 2Pac would feature, he declined. The chorus contains an interpolation of ” Tell Me If You Still Care ” by The S.O.S. Band .