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How to download EA Sports cricket for PC?

How to download EA Sports cricket for PC?

Click on the button to Instantly Download the Game *Note: EA Sports Cricket 2013 PC Game is a Free Game. You just have to click on Download button to get this awesome game. The Links that are stored on our servers, need time to load , so you have to wait 15 seconds to get your game links. Just have patience. The links will automatically appear.

When did EA Sports Cricket 07 come out?

It’s 2020 now but still the craze for EA Sports Cricket 2007 game hasn’t faded away. We know almost each and every gamer has played Cricket 07 game on their PC by applying the latest released cricket 07 patches/mods and other kinds of stuff, Right?

Which is the IPL patch for EA Sports cricket 2012?

This is OMGAyush Productions again with Addon/Module for his ultra successful patch “EA Sports Cricket 2012” . This module adds the IPL Fixtures, Kits, Stadiums, Matches and all the IPL 5 experience in your Cricket 2012 Patch provided by OMGAyush Productions! Amazing right? Play cricket at your homes!

How many downloads are there for Cricket 07?

EA Sports Cricket 07 has more than 9M Downloads. (4M+ on Softonic alone and On Other Sites, it has more than 5M Downloads) The above data really doesn’t surprise me.

Are there any free cricket games for PC?

Download all Kinds of High Quality Action, Adventure, Shooting, First Person, IGI Series, Counters Strikes Series, Cricket Games for free.

When was Cricket 07 released in the UK?

It is available for Windows and PlayStation 2. The game was released in the UK on 24 November 2006 and in Australia on 14 November 2006. The cover of Cricket 07 features England and Lancashire cricketer Andrew Flintoff, and the Australian release cover pictures the Ashes urn with the Australian and English flags behind it.

Who are the creators of EA Sports cricket 2012?

EA Sports Cricket 2012 is officially made by the ‘A-Unit Studios’ Team, on Planet Cricket, by its popularly known renowned creators. I thereby being a fan, Linked made this video to initialize their talent.