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How to Boost Team Spirit: Mini Guide

How to Boost Team Spirit: Mini Guide


Having a happy and motivated team is key to continuous growth. Being in a remote environment for companies that are traditionally used to working out of the same co-working space or office can be disconcerting.

The focus can shift from fostering team spirit to just focusing on getting the work done. But there are more than a few ideas you can implement easily to boost team spirit, remote or otherwise.

Give free company merchandise

Company merchandise can make employees feel part of the team even when they may not be physically in the same space. And you don’t have to necessarily worry about the logistics of manufacturing or even delivery if you use a print on demand service like Printify. You can use the Printify merch maker to create matching hoodies, company stationery, mugs or water bottles.

Host team sporting events

Some friendly competition, either on a retreat or regularly scheduled time to blow off some steam after work, can boost the team spirit. Sports, especially, help with team bonding and inculcate some great team player skills.

It also has a dual benefit. By focusing on health and encouraging employees to play team sports, you also benefit from improved moods and energy levels.

Schedule team outings

Team outings should be an integral part of building team spirit. If it is not possible due to a remote-first setting, then virtual hangouts should be part of the norm. You can also encourage employees to meet up that live in the same city and have smaller gatherings.

Have team celebrations

Celebrate the little wins with the team. Make sure you have mini milestones and celebrate physically or virtually with the entire team. These celebrations are important to boost team morale and congratulate top performers for their incredible work.

Volunteer as a team

CSR or corporate social responsibility is usually a part of what most companies already practice, but volunteering as a team can potentially have endless benefits. It allows you to bond as people. Employees also want to work at a company that has shared values and is socially responsible.

Organize social events

While we’ve already talked about different kinds of meetups, social events where employees can mingle and socialize are a great way to boost team spirit. It allows them to get to know each other on a personal level fostering a bond.

Organize workshops

One of the ways you can keep employees engaged is by investing in their personal growth. You can organize various kinds of workshops or remote team activities to help them navigate the changing landscape, grow stronger as a team, or focus on specific professional skills.

Be inclusive in your policy

How to Boost Team Spirit: Mini Guide

From the language you use to your work policies, it is important to focus on inclusivity. Make sure all your employees are being heard and that their values are respected. By doing so, employees feel included and valued, and this helps build the team spirit overall.

Have meals together

The simple act of having lunch together can be a good step in building camaraderie. It is a quick way of taking a break and engaging in conversations outside of work during the workday.

Encourage employee feedback

Ask for and encourage employees to share feedback on new policies or issues so that you can address them constructively. A workplace where employee concerns are heard and addressed has generally better team morale.

Focus on consistent leadership

There has to be a general consensus on how issues are to be handled and how to treat employees fairly. Inconsistent experiences can hurt team spirit since it can lead to issues festering that have not been adequately resolved.

Praise employees at regular intervals

You don’t have to wait for quarterly or yearly reviews to praise employees. Let them know that they are doing a great job and offer to help with additional resources to help them grow even more.

Take time off from work

Sometimes taking time off from work to focus on team building can be a good way to boost morale. It may seem counterintuitive, but this can lead to a burst of increased productivity after taking these breaks.

Give employees more autonomy

How to Boost Team Spirit: Mini Guide

Giving employees more autonomy can also help boost individual spirit, and it has a cascading effect on team spirit. When employees are not micromanaged, they can find ways to collaborate and get their work done faster and better. Autonomy can also extend to letting employees form sub-committees to focus on specific issues that they are passionate about.

In conclusion

How you treat employees individually and as a team goes a long way towards fostering a collaborative and nurturing environment where employees feel valued, heard, and supported. By creating employee-first work policies, you can retain and engage your team members so that they in turn advocate for your company, product, and services.