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How do you use Tanita Innerscan?

How do you use Tanita Innerscan?

Note: For use only with models containing the weight mode switch.

  1. Set Date. Insert batteries into the scale and then press any button to start the Year setting.
  2. Set Hour.
  3. Set Minute.
  4. Turn on the Power.
  5. Select a Personal data Number.
  6. Set your Birthday.
  7. Select Female or Male.
  8. Specify the Height.

How do you calibrate Tanita Innerscan?

Calibration ensures that the scale accurately displays the weight of each item. Press and hold the “Off” button. Press and release the “On” key three times while still holding down the “Off” button. Once completed, release the “Off” button.

How accurate is a Tanita body composition analyzer?

How accurate is a Tanita Body Composition Monitor? The results obtained through Tanita BIA have been shown to be within +/-5% of Underwater Weighing and DEXA (the “gold” standards of body composition analysis.)

Does Tanita have an app?

Tanita has products that have the ability to communicate to iOS and Android smartphones. Using the free Tanita HealthyEdge Mobile app, data from our RD-901plus Body Composition Monitor and our AM-161 Activity Gauge are seamlessly recorded and graphed.

How does Tanita measure body fat?

When you stand on a Tanita monitor, a very low, safe electrical signal is sent from four metal electrodes through your feet to your legs and abdomen. This resistance, known as impedance, is measured and input into scientifically validated Tanita equations to calculate body composition measurements.

Are Tanita scales good?

Endocrinologist Dr. Ana Maria Kausel, who calls Tanita scales “very consistent” and “super reliable,” says that while some functions aren’t that helpful (like bone-mass measurement), others allow her patients to get a better sense of their overall wellness than they would from knowing their weight alone.

What should my body fat be?

The amount of essential fat differs between men and women, and is typically around 2-5% in men, and 10-13% in women. The healthy range of body fat for men is typically defined as 8-19%, while the healthy range for women is 21-33%.

How do you use a Tanita scale?

Place the Tanita scale on a firm, level surface. Tap the center of the scale platform with your foot to activate it. If the scale model you’re using has “personal keys” (keys to identify which user is on the scale), as does the HD-351, tap the appropriate personal key with your toe to activate the scale.