Which Ilford film is best?

Which Ilford film is best?

Ilford HP5 Plus
Ilford HP5 Plus has been one of the most popular Ilford films for a while. And for good reason – it has medium contrast, a wide exposure latitude, and is perfectly suited for action or documentary style photography.

Is HP5 a Ilford?

HP is a cubic-grain black-and-white film from Ilford Photo with a long history. It originated as Hypersensitive Panchromatic plates in 1931. Since then it has progressed through a number of versions, with HP5 plus (HP5+ for short) being the latest….Ilford HP.

Speed 400/27°
Type B&W
Introduced 1976
Discontinued 1989

What is the difference between Ilford FP4 and HP5?

Very basically, the FP 4 has much more “built in contrast” shorter toe and sharper rise to the straight line. While the HP5 has a longer toe and longer shoulder, in other words the HP5 is capable of handling more contrasty scenes than the FP4.

What type of film is Ilford HP5?

35mm Film
Ilford HP5 Plus 400 35mm Film is a classic. One of the most popular films we sell, it is a versatile high speed, medium contrast film….Additional information.

Film Development Black and White
Film Sensitivity 400 ISO
Film Type Negative
Brand Ilford
GTIN 019498574610

Is Ilford HP5 plus 400 C41?

XP2 SUPER – This fast speed film shares many characteristics with the DELTA 400 and HP5 PLUS films. The key difference is that this film offers the convenience of C41 colour processing which increases your processing options. The film offers very fine grain and exceptional sharpness.

What is 3200 ISO film used for?

High Speed High-speed or fast, films range from 400 to 3200 ISO. These films give you a lot more flexibility on overcast days and in low light situations. Also, they are a good choice if you’re shooting fast-moving subjects. You get more noticeable grain with fast films.

Which is better Ilford HP5 or Kodak Tri-X?

Ilford HP5 Plus 400 Black and White film is a testament to just how unique film photography can be. In summary, if you are looking for gritty and a grainy look that’s affordable then we would recommend Ilford HP5+ 400 film. Otherwise, if price isn’t an issue, then Kodak Tri-X 400 outperforms in low light.

What’s the difference between Ilford HP5 and HP5 plus 400?

You see, Ilford has created this film to dry flat, and that makes all the difference when scanning your negatives. Also, Ilford’s HP5 Plus 400 is available in various formats from 35MM 24 EXPOSURE, 36 Exposure, 120 Roll and even pre-loaded on the Ilford Single Use camera. Further to this, Ilford provides a range of sheet film in all standard sizes.

Which is the best Ilford camera to buy?

Ilford HP5 Plus has a lot of characteristics that are worth further exploration. Ilford HP5 Plus 400 is a brilliant all-rounder film. But, if you want to explore genres such as photojournalism, street and documentary, it’s probably the best choice – especially for those on a budget.

What’s the difference between Kodak and Ilford black and white film?

Its ability to remove color and focus on the story has made it a go-to for those capturing realism. Both Kodak and Ilford own the space for C41 processed black and white film thanks to their early manufacturer and fine film grains. In this article, we explore the difference between the films and also their history.