How do you pass the Cooper fitness test?

How do you pass the Cooper fitness test?

Start warming up 30 minutes before the start and do the following:

  1. 10 min easy jog.
  2. 5 min easy dynamic stretches and leg swings.
  3. 5 min running with increasing pace: the final minute at your Cooper pace (= you are out of breath)
  4. 2 min easy jog.
  5. 3 x 100 m relaxed fast pace starting every minute.

What is a good score on the Cooper test?

The Cooper 12 Minute Run Test

Age Excellent Average
Male 20-29 >2800m 2200-2399m
Females 20-29 >2700m 1800-2199m
Males 30-39 >2700m 1900-2299m
Females 30-39 >2500m 1700-1999m

What does the Cooper test tell you?

The Cooper test is a fitness test used to estimate an individual’s aerobic fitness or VO2 max. It was designed by Kenneth H. Cooper in 1968 for the US Military and has been used by several coaches across a variety of sports ever since.

Is the Cooper test accurate?

In conclusion our results showed that the Cooper’s test is highly reliable when repeated after 48 h as confirmed by HR and distance data. This study provided support for the Cooper’s test as an accurate and reliable test to assess performance in a sample of amateur long-distance runners.

Is the 12 minute Cooper run reliable?

validity: Cooper (1968) reported a correlation of 0.90 between VO2max and the distance covered in a 12 min walk/run. reliability: the reliability of this test would depend on practice, pacing strategies and motivation level. Based on that time, he would complete 4752m or 11.88 laps in 12 min.

How many days rest before physical fitness test?

Doing the right things before the test will make a big difference. Follow these tips: Don’t test on sore muscles. Relax up to two days before the test.

Is 2km in 12 minutes good?

The Average Person finishes a mile in about 9 minutes. so about 11–12 minutes to do a 2K for an average person.

Is the 12 minute Cooper run valid?

Why is the Cooper test good?

This test is still one of the basic fitness tests used by the military. It is also used by many coaches and trainers to determine cardiovascular fitness and track fitness over time. This simple test also allows you to compare your cardiovascular endurance with others of your age and gender.

Is the 12-minute Cooper run reliable?

How does the treadmill stress test at Cooper Clinic work?

Unlike its use in other settings, the treadmill stress test at Cooper Clinic is used as an objective way to measure fitness. Sure, we can ask you how often you exercise; we can ask you how hard you work during exercise, but nothing provides a real measure of fitness like your performance on the treadmill.

What is the Cooper 12 minute walk / run test?

The Cooper 12-minute walk/run test is a popular maximal test of aerobic fitness, in which participants try and cover as much distance as they can in 12 minutes. There are several other variations of running/walking tests, including the Cooper 1.5 mile run test, and also a swimming version.

Are there different versions of the Cooper fitness test?

There are also many variations of the walk / run test. A very similar test is the Balke 15 minute run. Testing is generally easier to administer when the distance is fixed and the finishing time measured, so the alternative Cooper 1.5 mile (2.4km) run test was developed. See also the 12-minute swimming and cycling versions.

What is the purpose of the Cooper running test?

The Cooper running test is a 12-minute running fitness test devised by Dr Keneth Cooper in 1968. The test was designed as a simple field based test, in which participants attempt to run as far as possible during the 12 minute time period. The distance covered is then used to calculate an estimate of maximal aerobic capacity ( VO2max ).