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How do I fix WiFi connection problems?

How do I fix WiFi connection problems?

Step 1: Check settings & restart

  1. Make sure Wi-Fi is on. Then turn it off and on again to reconnect. Learn how to connect to Wi-Fi networks.
  2. Make sure Airplane mode is off. Then turn it on and off again to reconnect.
  3. Press your phone’s power button for a few seconds. Then, on your screen, tap Restart .

How do you diagnose WiFi problems?

Try this: Plug an ethernet cable directly into your router and test your internet speeds using our speed test tool. Next, test your speeds on the WiFi connection. If they are both slow, the issue is likely with your service provider, and not your equipment. Give them a call.

Why is my WiFi working on some devices but not others?

If the Internet works fine on other devices, the problem lies with your device and its WiFi adapter. On the other hand, if the Internet doesn’t work on other devices too, then the problem is most likely with the router or the Internet connection itself. If your router and modem are separate, restart both.

Can’t connect to WiFi on one device?

When only a single device can’t connect to the internet, then the problem is most likely related to one of the following issues:

  1. Corrupt DNS Cache.
  2. Wrong DNS server configured.
  3. Wrong or outdated network information (IP address / Gateway)
  4. Anti-virus or firewall is causing problems.
  5. Wireless adapter related issue.

Why does Wi-Fi keep disconnecting and reconnecting?

If your Android phone is frequently disconnecting from a WiFi network or a WiFi hotspot, it could be due to issues with the router, the hotspot device, or your phone itself.

Why does my Internet connection keep disconnecting and reconnecting?

You may sometimes find your router keeps dropping internet because of its frequent disconnection. The issue is usually caused by one of the three things – the old driver for your wireless card, outdated firmware version on your router (basically the driver for the router) or settings on your router.