How did the Colt Dragoon get its name?

How did the Colt Dragoon get its name?

These take their name from the Walker revolver parts that were manufactured at Eli Whitney’s plant in Whitneyville, CT (at that time Samuel Colt did not have a factory since his bankruptcy in Paterson, NJ) and the Dragoon parts made by the new Colt factory famously located in Hartford, CT.

What is a Fluck Dragoon?

Colt “Fluck” Dragoon, Steptoe Disaster Percussion Cap and Ball, Six-chamber First Model Dragoon, . 44 caliber; ferrous metal barrel with a brass grip frame. Square-back trigger guard indicates United States Cavalry contract although the brass grip frame appears to have been nickel-plated – a contract variance.

What is a whitneyville Dragoon?

Rated among the most desirable and rarest of Colts with only around 240 produced and an estimated 10 percent of originals surviving, the Whitneyville was the first revolver manufactured in Hartford, Connecticut by Sam Colt.

What caliber was a Colt Dragoon?

.44 caliber
The Colt Model 1848 Percussion Army Revolver is a . 44 caliber revolver designed by Samuel Colt for the U.S. Army’s Regiment of Mounted Rifles….

Colt Dragoon Revolver
Barrel length 7.5 inches (190 mm)
Caliber .44 ball, revolver (.454 in., dia.)
Action Single-action

What is the difference between a Colt Dragoon and a Colt Walker?

The Colt Dragoon Revolver had a comparatively shorter cylinder (thus preventing overloading the cylinder) and held up to 50 grains of powder, whereas the Walker had used up to 60 grains of powder. These variations made the Colt Dragoon Revolver 4 pounds two ounces.

What replaced the Colt Dragoon?

The Colt Dragoon line was eventually replaced by the Colt Model 1860 revolver.

How much did a Colt Dragoon weigh?

4 lb 4 ounces

Colt Dragoon Revolver
Mass 4 lb 4 ounces (1.9 kg)
Length 14.75 inches (375 mm)
Barrel length 7.5 inches (190 mm)
Caliber .44 ball, revolver (.454 in., dia.)

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