How do you write a discussion paper?

How do you write a discussion paper?

These are the general rules you should adopt when composing your discussion of the results:

  1. Do not be verbose or repetitive.
  2. Be concise and make your points clearly.
  3. Avoid using jargon.
  4. Follow a logical stream of thought.

How do you start an opening essay?


  1. Attract the Reader’s Attention. Begin your introduction with a “hook” that grabs your reader’s attention and introduces the general topic.
  2. State Your Focused Topic. After your “hook”, write a sentence or two about the specific focus of your paper.
  3. State your Thesis. Finally, include your thesis statement.

What should be in a discussion essay?

As such, a discussion essay needs to include the thorough discussion of the different sides of a given topic. The essay should offer a well-rounded understanding of all issues before the writer shows his personal conclusions and opinions.

How do you start a discussion question?

Strong discussion questions are anchored to a specific event, scene and/or quote from a text. You should start your discussion questions by pointing your group members of a specific piece of evidence. Possible sentence starters: ▪ “On page ____, I was interested in the scene where _______________________.”

What is an introduction in an essay example?

Your essay introduction should include three main things, in this order: An opening hook to catch the reader’s attention. Relevant background information that the reader needs to know. A thesis statement that presents your main point or argument.

How do you start a discussion in a research paper?

Begin by briefly re-stating the research problem you were investigating and answer all of the research questions underpinning the problem that you posed in the introduction. Describe the patterns, principles, and relationships shown by each major findings and place them in proper perspective.

What are some good words for group discussion?

Phrases for discussions in English

  • As far as I’m concerned …
  • I think …
  • In my opinion …
  • As far as I know …
  • In my view …
  • I don’t think …
  • I don’t believe that …
  • Well, if you ask me …

How do you start a class discussion?

Starting a discussion

  1. Refer to questions you distributed.
  2. Make a list of key points.
  3. Use a partner activity.
  4. Use a brainstorming activity.
  5. Pose an opening question and give students a few minutes to record an answer.
  6. Divide students into small groups to discuss a specific question or issue.

How do I start off an argumentative essay?

To write an argumentative essay, use the following steps to help you: 1. Begin by introducing the debate topic in your own words. 2. Then write if you agree or disagree with the argument 3. Tell people why you hold that opinion and come up with ideas and examples to back up your arguments.

What are some ways to start a summary essay?

Find an article needed to be summarized.

  • Note the author (s) of this article and its title.
  • Read this article.
  • Find the main idea of an article.
  • Outline key points that support an idea of a discussed article.
  • including the title.
  • How can I start an opinion essay?

    In the body of your essay, write one paragraph about each reason for your opinion. Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence that states the point you will discuss. Include quotes, examples, anecdotes or lines of argument from your research to support each point, and explain how each piece of evidence contributes to your position.

    How should I start my informative essay?

    How do I start an informative paper? Choosing a Topic. It is good to choose a topic that will benefit the people that you are aiming to write for. Form Your Thesis Statement. After knowing the topic that you will be writing about, form a thesis statement to inform your readers briefly, about what your essay shall comprise. Know Your Audience. Form an Outline. The Writing Process.