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Has MyJar gone bust?

Has MyJar gone bust?

On 22 December 2020, MyJar Ltd, was placed into administration. David Clements, Paul Boyle and Anthony Murphy of Harrisons Business Recovery & Insolvency (London) Limited were appointed as Joint Administrators.

Whats happened to MyJar?

Collapse. It was announced on MYJAR’s website and on the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) website that the firm had appointed administrators on 22 December. The company say external factors had placed financial pressure on the business and hampered its ability to trade, meaning they had no option but to fold.

Is MyJar a payday loan?

MyJar is a direct lender, not a broker. They offer payday and short term loans. This means that when you apply for a payday loan you apply directly with them.

How does MyJar work?

In general, you will repay part of the loan amount, plus interest on each monthly repayment. However, you can make extra payments whenever you like, and even repay the whole loan early, helping you save money by reducing interest charges.

Can I claim against Myjar?

If you believe you were sold an unaffordable loan, you can still lodge a claim. Call 0120 300 62000 or email [email protected].

Can you get a top up loan with Myjar?

Additional Borrowing Options MYJAR does not currently allow you to top-up or extend your loan, or to take out more than one loan concurrently. You can apply for a new loan once your outstanding loan and interest has been paid off.

What is Myjar?

MYJAR is direct lender based in London. My Jar offer short term loans to UK customers and have been trading since 2009. During this time MyJar have issued 2.3 million loans. MyJar offer loans to people who may struggle to get credit elsewhere due to a poor credit history.

Can you get a top up loan with MyJar?

What is MyJar?

Can I claim back interest from Provident?

If you have a Provident loan when you shouldn’t have been approved, you might be able to get a refund on the full loan amount and the interest you paid. You can get a refund on the full amount, interest and charges as long as the loan is still active or if you repaid the loan in the last six years.

Can you take Provident to court?

It’ll only happen if you have fallen behind with your repayments and not replied to repeated attempts to contact you by your lender. You could also be sent a County Court Claim if you don’t reach an agreement with them over unpaid amounts.