How do you win the Gates scholarship?

How do you win the Gates scholarship?

Tips and Strategies for Winning the Gates ScholarshipPossesses an outstanding high school record, including a high GPA and class ranking in the top 10% of their graduating class.Consistently demonstrates strong leadership through community service and/or extracurricular activities.

How competitive is the Gates Cambridge Scholarship?

The international Gates Scholarships are far more competitive than most American scholarships (only 0.3% of applicants have been awarded for the Gates in each year). There are more than 200 Gates Cambridge Scholars studying at Cambridge at any one time.

How selective is the Gates scholarship?

The Gates Scholarship is a highly selective, full scholarship for exceptional, Pell-eligible, minority, high school seniors. Starting in 2018, the scholarship will be awarded to 300 top student leaders each year.

How much is the Obama scholarship?

Participants in the Obama Scholars Program are automatically awarded $3,000 in federal work-study. Scholarships— gift assistance awarded by ASU and private donors that recognizes exceptional achievement.

How long does the Obama scholarship last?

The Obama Foundation Scholars Program seeks to support dynamic, collaborative, rising leaders from around the world in an innovative one-year academic and leadership experience.

How much is the lumberjack scholarship?

The Lumberjack scholarship is awarded to any Arizona resident who gets no grade lower than a B throughout high school. The scholarship is worth approximately $16,000 a year.

How do I apply for Obama scholarship?

You must submit your FAFSA and have a complete ASU admissions application on file (application, test scores, transcripts and application fee) in order to be considered for the Obama Scholars Program. This deadline applies to both incoming freshmen and current Obama Scholars.

Is the Obama library built?

Construction of the center was originally expected to begin in late 2018 and be completed in 20.

What is a college attainment grant?

The College Attainment Grant is ASU’s commitment to high-need Arizona families. Tuition is covered so students can focus on their academics.