Does Royer 122 need phantom power?

Does Royer 122 need phantom power?

Phantom power is actually required for operation on our active R-122 and SF-24 microphones. The bass response of most ribbon microphones on guitar cabinets is much better than that of dynamic microphones.

What type of microphone is the Royer 121?

Royer Labs R-121 Ribbon Microphone/Type
The R-121 is a compact bi-directional (figure-eight) velocity type ribbon microphone designed for professional applications. The figure-eight pick-up pattern allows the R-121 to be addressed from either side with equal sensitivity.

Who is Royer microphone founder?

David Royer
David Royer designed his first ribbon microphone in 1997 and started the company that bears his name one year later.

Do dynamic mics need phantom power?

Dynamic microphones do not require phantom power. However, there are some very low output dynamic microphones, such as the Shure SM7B (which has an output level is -69dBV), which require a preamp to boost the signal. If the preamp you connect the microphone to is active, you will then need to turn the phantom power on.

Do ribbon mics need phantom power?

The ribbon elements in some vintage ribbon microphones can be harmed or even destroyed by the presence of phantom power. For this reason, it is commonly recommended that phantom power be turned off when using ribbon microphones. They require phantom power to operate and obviously will not be damaged by phantom power.

Where are Royer microphones made?

the USA
Every Royer is hand-made in the USA by craftsmen who are fanatical about building the best ribbon microphones in the world. Come inside and see what ribbon microphones can do for you.

Does Royer 121 need phantom power?

4. The R-121 requires no power supply and is safe to use on consoles with phantom microphone powering, provided that the cabling is wired properly. If the microphone is to remain set up on a stand when not in use, place a mic sock (supplied with every Royer microphone) over it until it is to be used.

Where are Mojave microphones made?

Many of the company’s products are assembled in China, using transformers and other components provided by Royer to the manufacturer. Additional testing is done in the US. The flagship MA-1000 tube mic is assembled in Burbank, CA. See the sidebar link to the Mojave Audio Story for more.

Is phantom power bad for dynamic mics?

Phantom power is a dc voltage (11 – 48 volts) that powers the preamplifier of a condenser microphone. A balanced dynamic microphone is not affected by phantom power; however, an unbalanced dynamic microphone will be affected. Although the microphone will probably not be damaged, it will not work properly.

What’s the switchable filter on the Royer r-122?

It also allowed the mic to be paired to virtually any preamplifier. The R-122 MKll takes the R-122 to a whole new level, delivering unprecedented flexibility for ribbons via the addition of a switchable -15 dB pad and a switchable bass-cut filter.

Why was the Royer r-122 ribbon mic so important?

It was a revolutionary development in ribbon mics, combining impedance matching circuitry with condenser-like output levels that allowed the R-122 to be used on even the quietest sound sources. It also allowed the mic to be paired to virtually any preamplifier.

What is the sensitivity of the Royer r-122 mkll?

The R-122 MKll contains a fully balanced, hand-wired, discrete head amplifier system utilizing a specially wound toroidal transformer and ultra-low noise FET’s. This system is extremely quiet and brings the R-122 MKll’s sensitivity to 37 dB, all while allowing for high SPL recording!

What kind of transformer does a Royer mic use?

The microphone utilizes a special Royer-designed toroidal transformer that delivers a faster transient response than traditional ribbons, making it a first call ribbon mic for drum overheads, percussion, and all acoustic instruments.