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Do I need an engine oil cooler?

Do I need an engine oil cooler?

Cooler oil not only prevents the engine from overheating, but it keeps the oil in better condition as well. Oil degrades more rapidly when it gets too hot; a cooler will make sure it’s still in good shape by the time you’re ready for an oil change.

Does oil cooler cool engine?

The purpose of the engine oil cooler is to allow the engine’s cooling system to remove excess heat from the oil. The heat absorbed by the engine’s cooling system is then transferred to the air as it passes through the vehicle’s radiator, which is located in front of the engine behind the grille of the vehicle.

Where are Hayden transmission coolers made?

Lewisville, Texas
Located in Lewisville, Texas, Hayden Automotive engineers, manufactures and supplies a wide range of products designed to keep your car, truck or performance vehicle running cool.

What is cooler engine oil?

A car oil cooler is a component that helps keep the optimal temperature range of the engine and its different parts. The oil is going to enter the oil cooler while its temperature is still high. Inside the cooler, the oil will move around the pipes that are fitted with fins that release heat.

Do oil coolers increase HP?

What’s really nifty is that any heat relieved by an oil cooler is relatable to some amount of horsepower that is not lost as waste heat in the engine. Beals said the rule of thumb is 1 horsepower equals 2,544 BTU per hour. It’s also a good idea to flow oil through the filter before routing it through the cooler.

Do engine oil coolers really work?

Coolant in the oil is especially bad because it lessens the oil’s lubrication ability. Oil coolers are very beneficial for certain types of trucks and performance vehicles. If you put your vehicle under a lot of load or run your car’s engine at top speed for long periods, then you could benefit from an oil cooler.

What are the benefits of an oil cooler?

Oil coolers extend the life of your vehicle’s engine and reduce the chance of overheating under extreme conditions. For example, if you haul a trailer uphill for long distances, then chances are that your engine works at maximum capacity for a long time. This creates a lot of heat that needs a way to dissipate.

Are Hayden transmission coolers good?

Between its high GVW rating, efficient plate and fin style design, and affordability, the Hayden Automotive 679 transmission cooler is by far one of the best transmission coolers available. The 30,000 GVW allows for ample trans cooling in most common applications and it’s price certainly is friendly on your wallet.

What size transmission cooler do I need?

Transmission coolers are rated by their gross vehicle weight or GVW, and this can go from as little as 10,000, all the way up to 40,000 or more! Based on the transmission cooler GVW chart shown below, the optimal transmission cooler should be at least 20,000 depending on the tow capacity.

Do engines run better hot or cold?

Your car will most likely be more efficient in hotter temperatures. Your engine will most likely be more efficient in colder temperatures. Firstly you will have a marginally longer “cold start”. All lubricants will have higher viscosity at lower temperatures.

What is the benefit of an oil cooler?

What can you do with a Hayden heavy duty oil cooler?

Designed for rugged, heavy duty use, Hayden heavy duty oil coolers can be used for many different cooling applications, including transmission, engine, gear box, hydraulic oils and diesel fuel. Available in one-pass, two-pass and one-row options, Hayden heavy duty oil coolers featured brazed copper tubes with aluminum fin construction.

What kind of coolant does a Hayden transmission use?

Hayden’s 37mm heavy duty plate / fin coolers are ideal for transmission and engine oil cooling applications requiring higher flow range and increased heat transfer capacity in a compact space.

Who is the leader in car cooling products?

For over 55 years, Hayden Automotive has been the leader in automotive cooling products for transmission, engine and power steering oil cooling.

When did Perry Hayden invent the transmission cooler?

Since the invention of the transmission cooler by Mr. Perry Hayden in 1961, Hayden has continued to add innovative products to meet the needs of its customers while investing in continuous improvements and maintaining superior quality standards. Blue Streak ® has been the flagship brand for Standard performance products for over 80 years.