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What is molar mass of water?

What is molar mass of water?

18.01528 g/mol
Water/Molar mass

What is the relative molar mass of water?

Relative molecular mass of water (H2O) is 18. The relative molecular mass is unit-less.

What is the molar mass of silver sulfadiazine AgC10H9N4SO2?

357.2 g/mol
If 25.0 g of Ag20 (molar mass = 231.8 g/mol), is reacted with 50.0 g of C10H10N4SO2 (molar mass = 250.3 g/mol), what mass of silver sulfadiazine, AgC10H9N4SO2 (molar mass = 357.2 g/mol), can be produced assuming 100% yield? At elevated temperatures, sodium chlorate decomposes to produce sodium chloride and oxygen gas.

How do you find the molar mass of water?

One mole of H2 O is made up of 2 moles of Hydrogen atoms and 1 mole of Oxygen atom. Mass of two moles of Hydrogen atoms = 2x 1 g/mol = 2 g/mol. Mass of one mole of water = 2 g/mol + 16 g/mol = 18 g/mol.

What is the molar mass of H2O?

What is molar mass of water H2O?

What is the relative mass of H2O?

Relative formula mass. Water. H 2O. 1 + 1 + 16 = 18.

What is the atomic mass of silver?

107.8682 u
Silver/Atomic mass

Do you include H2O in molar mass?

When determining the formula mass for a hydrate, the waters of hydration must be included. Divide the mass of water in one mole of the hydrate by the molar mass of the hydrate and multiply this fraction by 100.

What is mass of silver oxide, Ag2O, in grams?

What mass of silver oxide, Ag2O [MM=231.74g/mol],in grams, is required to produce 35.0 g of silver sulfadiazine, AgC10H9N4SO2 (MM=357.14g/mol), from the reaction of silver oxide and sulfadiazine? Urea, CO (NH2)2, is manufactured on a large scale for use in producing urea-formaldehyde plastics and as a fertilizer.

What is the molar mass of H2O in grams?

Molar mass of H2O = 18.01528 g/mol. Convert grams Water to moles or moles Water to grams.

How to calculate the molar mass of hydrochloric acid?

Find the molar mass of your substance. For the hydrochloric acid it is equal to 36.46 g/mol. Decide on the mass concentration of your substance – you can either input it directly or fill in the boxes for substance mass and solution volume. Let’s assume that you have 5 g of HCl in a 1.2 liter solution.