Are wooden kitchen worktops a good idea?

Are wooden kitchen worktops a good idea?

Wooden worktops are incredibly durable and any knife marks or imperfections are much more easily fixed than with other worktop materials. As long as you look after your worktop and oil it every 6 months, it should last for as long as you want it to. Eco friendly. With wood it’s possible to make eco-friendly choices.

Which worktop is best for kitchens?

Granite is probably the most popular type of kitchen worktop. It is by far the most low-maintenance choice, so sturdy that it’s unlikely to chip or scratch, and only needs to be resealed once a decade. Supremely heat-resistant, granite can easily withstand all your hot pans placed on top of it.

Can you put hot pans on wooden worktops?

Never put a hot pan or tray directly onto a wooden worktop – always use a trivet. Clean your surface with warm water, washing-up liquid and a soft cloth is all you need. Avoid using any abrasive and chemical-filled cleaning products and wire scouring pads.

What size is a standard kitchen worktop?

Typically, worktops are around 600mm – 650mm deep to accommodate base units. Our worktops are available in many different depths ranging from 600mm to 1,240mm – the larger sizes are well suited to kitchen islands.

How do you join solid wood worktops?

Jointing worktops When joining two worktops together, you should use three standard worktop bolts on each joint. Seal the end grain at both sides of the joint with an appropriate sealer such as MitreSeal before making the joint. Seal the joint with sealer when the parts are finally tightened.

How often should I oil my wood countertop?

After the first 6 weeks, you should get into the habit of regularly oiling your solid wood worktops at least 3-4 times a year. Re-applying oil every 3 months or so should ensure that your worktops retain their water-resistant and resilient properties.

What kind of worktops do you get from B and Q?

Add the finishing touch to your kitchen with beautifully crafted worktops from B&Q. We have something to suit all lifestyles and budgets, including ready cut surfaces that work hard for you in range of styles, from solid wood to earthstone. Shop the range at B&Q and personalise your kitchen surfaces today.

What kind of wood worktops do Wickes use?

Wickes Laminate Worktops are a cost effective way of adding an exciting new feature to your kitchen. We also stock accessories such as fitting kits and sink clips. Wickes Solid Wood Worktops come in a number of attractive finishes including Beech and Dark Oak.

Are there any upstands for kitchen worktops?

A range of worktops and upstands that are available to Click and Collect or for fast delivery on your day of choice. Worktop Trim finishes and protects the joins between worktop sections in your kitchen. Keep your worktop looking its best with our range of worktop oils.

What kind of worktops should I put on my back of my cooker?

Stainless Steel Splashbacks are an attractive and effective way of protecting the back of your cooker, and adding a stylish finish to your kitchen. Breakfast bar worktops will create additional space in your kitchen, complimenting the look of your kitchen worktops.