Why the NYC soda ban is a good idea?

Why the NYC soda ban is a good idea?

So the reasons for the large soda ban is that it seems like a relatively quick and easy way to cut down on the number of calories people consume, and in particular on the number of sugary calories they consume, and that in turn will help avoid diabetes and other diseases to which obesity contributes.

Does New York ban soda?

The Bloomberg big-soda ban is officially dead. Two lower courts had already ruled against the city, saying it overreached in trying to prohibit the sale of sugary drinks in containers larger than 16 ounces. …

Can you buy a large soda in New York?

Regulation. Under the plan, all New York City regulated restaurants, fast-food establishments, delis, movie theaters, sports stadiums and food carts would be barred from selling sugar-sweetened drinks in cups larger than 16 ounces (0.5 liters).

Is the soda ban effective?

Workers at the University of California, San Francisco, lost belly fat and showed metabolic benefits after a ban on sugary drinks went into effect. In recent years, hospitals and medical centers across the country have stopped selling sugar-sweetened beverages in an effort to reduce obesity and diabetes.

Does New York have a sugar tax?

Beverages with more than thirty grams of sugars per twelve fluid ounces shall be taxed at a rate of two cents per ounce. In New York, obesity rates have increased and, although no group has escaped the epidemic, low income and communi- ties of color are disproportionately affected.

Why you should support the NYC soda ban?

The idea behind the NYC soda ban is to restrict access to large sodas because they are widely seen as contributing to obesity and the prevalence of diabetes.

Why is soda banned in New York?

In an effort to reduce levels of obesity in the city, the New York City Board of Health recently gave its approval for a ban on large soda sales at restaurants, movie theaters, street carts and other venues. This is the first restriction of its kind in the US. This new public health measure was touted by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Is soda banned in NYC?

The Sugary Drinks Portion Cap Rule, also known as the Soda Ban, was a proposed limit on soft drink size in New York City intended to prohibit the sale of many sweetened drinks more than 16 fluid ounces (0.47 liters) in volume to have taken effect on March 12, 2013.

What are the soda laws in New York?

New York City has recently passed a law restricting the sale of soda beverages to no larger than 16 oz. in all restaurants, mobile food carts, sports arenas and movie theaters.