Why is my girlfriend putting on weight?

Why is my girlfriend putting on weight?

Regarding your girlfriend’s weight gain, it’s worth having a conversation with her about it – one that focuses on her feelings, not yours. Trust me, she knows she has put on weight. But a sudden increase in weight could by a side-effect of a few things, including illness, medication, stress or depression, etc.

Should I tell my girlfriend she gained weight?

This may sound counter-intuitive, but pretty much regardless of the issue at hand, if you’re concerned about something in your relationship, you should bring it up immediately. Yes, I mean immediately. Yes, even if it’s something touchy. And weight gain is definitely a touchy subject.

Where do you gain weight with a girl?

For starters, women tend to store fat around the hips and thighs. On the other hand, men often have more belly fat. Women also have a higher percentage of body fat. For the same BMI (body mass index), a woman will have more fat than a man.

Is it normal to gain weight in a relationship?

You Can Expect to Gain 17 Pounds in the First Year of a New Relationship. A new poll indicates people gain significant weight in the first year or two of a relationship. Here’s why. You gain more than a friend and companion when you enter a new relationship.

Is it normal to lose attraction to your girlfriend?

Attraction can fade as a result of distance, lack of communication, or changes in physical appearance. If you can readily identify any one of these as the reason for your loss of attraction, you and your girlfriend may be able to work together to find a solution for your relationship.

Do toxic relationships make you gain weight?

These toxic relationships may not just strain your patience or mental health. A new study that followed more than 3,000 adults in their 30s and 40s found that people saddled with burdensome “negative relationships” accumulated more belly fat over 15 years than those who didn’t.

How do you tell a girl she has gained weight?

How To Tell Your Girl She’s Gained Weight

  1. Accept the Fact. First thing’s first: accept that there’s no right way to tell her.
  2. Don’t Lie. If she full on comes to you and asks you, don’t LIE.
  3. Do It Together. Encourage her to work out by actually working out together.
  4. Don’t Poke the Bear.

How do I talk to my partner about weight gain?

Talking about weight is never easy….The Do’s

  1. Do remember that your loved one may already feel ashamed. Even if your loved one jokes openly about their weight, this does not mean they are comfortable with their body.
  2. Do speak about health and feelings.
  3. Do speak with love and respect.
  4. Do use empathy.
  5. Do look beyond fault.

Do you gain more weight with a girl or a boy?

The study determined that increased pregnancy weight was correlated with male babies. When the moms-to-be gained around 10 kilos, they delivered about 49 per cent males babies. When pregnant women gained around 20 kilos, they delivered boys about 52.5 per cent of the time.

How fast can a woman gain weight?

Weigh yourself on a weekly basis, aiming for a goal of gaining 0.25–0.5% of your body weight per week. For example: A 175-pound (79-kg) man might aim to gain 0.4–0.8 pounds (0.2–0.4 kg) per week. A 135-pound (61-kg) woman might aim to gain 0.3–0.6 pounds (0.14–0.28 kg) per week.

Does falling in love make you gain weight?

Study shows couples weigh more than single people – despite having healthier lifestyles and eating more fruit and vegetables. A new study now finds that people who are in a serious committed relationship tend to pile on the pounds.

How did my girlfriend start to gain weight?

I will try to explain how my girlfriend has gained weight since we started dating and recently decided to start gaining on purpose. We started dating our first year in college about 4 years ago. At the time she was about 5 foot 2 and 130lbs.

Is the story of my wife’s weight gain true?

My wife’s weight gain (all true!) This is the true story of my wife’s weight gain over the last 13 years that I’ve known her. I had started writing this down about a year ago with updates, so its been copied and pasted as such below. Im no professional writer, but i find the true stories are the best ones.

What’s the weight of my girlfriend right now?

Much bigger of course but also much happier now that she had learned to love gaining weight. After that we didn’t really talk about any specific goal anymore but we didn’t have to. All the eating habits and fetish habits continued and so continued to gain as well. Right now she weighs 290lbs.

Is the candy store 1 a weight gain story?

Read part 1 before this – The Candy Store 1 (Cheerleader Weight Gain Story) This story contains weight gain and belly stuffing. Enjoy! Another week flew by for Sydney and Gloria. Sydney was gaining weight at an now alarming rate especially when compared to Gloria.