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Why is it called Greektown?

Why is it called Greektown?

Greektown is situated between the Renaissance Center, Comerica Park, and Ford Field. Named for the historic Greek immigrant community of the early 20th century, the district still has Greek-themed restaurants. The district is often the site of the Greek community parade in March.

What happened Greektown Chicago?

Today, Greektown consists mostly of restaurants and businesses, although a cultural museum and an annual parade and festival still remain in the neighborhood. The district can be found along Halsted Street, between Van Buren and Madison Streets.

Does Chicago have a Greektown?

Greektown is a neighborhood in Chicago’s West Loop. Chicago’s Greek population began to congregate in the area toward the end of the 1800s. For over 100 years, Greektown was the most well-recognized community of Greek people living in the United States.

Is Greektown Chicago Safe?

Outside of Athens, Chicago’s Greektown is probably your best best for immersing yourself in Greek culture. This neighborhood is one of the many that make up the Near West Side, and it there’s always some sort of event taking place. The tight-knit community enjoys a fairly safe neighborhood, rounding out our list.

What is the bad part of Detroit?

The specific area to avoid is east of Gratiot Avenue and west of Kelly Road, in the 48205 ZIP code. Other crime-ridden neighborhoods to avoid in Detroit include Forest Park, Chaldean Town, Poletown East, Milwaukee Junction, and Petosky-Otsego, reports RoadSnacks.

Why has Detroit failed?

The vast majority of this population loss was due to the deindustrialization of Detroit that moved factories from the inner city to the suburbs. This was coupled with the phenomenon of white flight, the movement of many white families from urban areas of metro Detroit to the suburbs on the outskirts of the city.

Is Little Italy Chicago Safe?

Safety. The Little Italy neighborhood is significantly safer than other neighborhoods in Chicago, and what crime there is tends to be petty property damage and theft. Annually there are on average 1,238 crimes per 100,000 people on the Near West Side, compared to 3,099 nationally, a 60 percent difference.

Is there a large Greek population in Chicago?

Chicago currently has the third largest Greek population of any city in the world. Why did these immigrants come to Chicago, and what impact has the Greek community had on the city?

Who lives in Greektown Chicago?

It is estimated that approximately 150,000 people of Greek ancestry live in the greater Chicago area. This allows Greektown to continue to serve as a contemporary gathering place for current generations, where you can still hear people speaking in Greek in the shops and restaurants.

Which side of Chicago is the safest?

Safest Neighborhoods in Chicago

  • Printers Row. Located South of the Loop, between Congress Parkway and Polk Street, Printers Row used to be.
  • Gold Coast. Gold coast was once known as the Astor Street District and is now full of historic landmarks!
  • Streeterville.
  • Lincoln Park.
  • Andersonville.
  • Edison Park.