Why is bamboo disbanded?

Why is bamboo disbanded?

“I wanted to better myself as a person first, and as a musician second,” said Mañalac, who admitted that he was an “accidental musician.” Conflicts? Mañalac denied that his decision to go solo had anything to do with disagreements with his band members, particularly with bassist Nathan Azarcon.

What is the name of the band of bamboo?

Rivermaya1994 – 1998
Bamboo2003 – 2011
Bamboo Mañalac/Music groups

Francisco Gaudencio Lope Belardo Mañalac (born March 21, 1976), popularly known as Bamboo Mañalac or simply by the mononym Bamboo, is a Filipino American musician and singer-songwriter. He began his career as vocalist and original frontman of Rivermaya and later fronted his own band, Bamboo.

What is the first bamboo band of the Philippines?

Formed in 1896, the first bamboo band in the Philippines was composed of freedom fighters who performed patriotic musical pieces during the meetings of the “Katipunan” revolutionary organisation. Gilbert Ramos, a fourth-generation member, manages and conducts the Malabon district’s band.

Who is the drummer of bamboo?

Vic Mercado
Bamboo (band)

Bamboo during a live performance. From left: Bassist Nathan Azarcon, vocalist Bamboo Mañalac, and drummer Vic Mercado.
Background information
Origin Metro Manila, Philippines
Genres Alternative rock hard rock pop rock

Is Rico Blanco married?

Blanco is currently in a relationship with actress and singer-songwriter Maris Racal.

What are the 5 members of bamboo instruments?

The list of musical bamboo instruments is indeed very long and include xylophones, rainsticks, marimbas, angklung, castanets, drum sticks, zithers, slit drums, chimes, maracas, guitars, ukuleles, violins, Chapman sticks, pan flutes, didgeridoos, pipe organs, saxophones, clarinets, kazoos, whistles, trumpets, and …

What is the genre of Jaya?

Country musicPop

What music genre is bamboo?


What kind of singer is Jaya?

Jaya is the first Filipino recording artist to chart in the United States, as her debut single “If You Leave Me Now” peaked at 44 at the Billboard Hot 100 chart….Jaya (singer)

Musical career
Genres Soul, pop, R&B, OPM, jazz, gospel, scat, freestyle
Instruments Vocals guitar

Who is Jun Regalado?

At 69, Jun Regalado breathes the rarefied air of the drum elite. Along with Kenny Aronoff, Vinnie Colaiuta, Steve Gadd, Manu Katche; Regalado is session-drummer extraordinaire. Regalado is from a family of musicians in Pakil, Laguna. His father Nemesio Sr. is a respected bandleader, dubbed the country’s Benny Goodman.

What is the vocal register of bamboo?

He is recognized as the “Prince of Rock”/”King of Rock” in the Philippines. He is currently a judge on The Voice of the Philippines and is billed as “The voice that rocked our world.”…Bamboo Mañalac.

Instruments Vocals, acoustic guitar (occasionally)
Label(s) PolyEast
Years active 1994-1998, 2003-present

Who is the lead singer of the band Bamboo?

(1) an alternative rock band founded in 2002 in the Philippines by vocalist Bamboo Mañalac. The name Bamboo is shared by multiple artists: (1) An alternative rock band founded in 2002 in the Philippines. (2) A rap artist from Philadelphia living in Pittsburgh.

When did the first bamboo album Come Out?

Four years after their departure from Rivermaya, Mañalac and Azarcon caught up again with each other, during which Azarcon introduced him to Cruz and Mercado. Bamboo’s debut album, As The Music Plays, was released in February 2004 where it received positive response from fans and critics alike.

What’s the name of bamboo’s song on Rounin?

Star Records—backed up by ABS-CBN TV Production and MYX—produced and created the official soundtrack for the tele-epiko “Rounin”, wherein the title track “Argos” was performed by Bamboo. A new avenue was opened to the band, as “Argos” is said to be the band’s first venture to record a song for a primetime television show.

When did the band Bamboo call it quits?

News circulated on January 9, 2011 that Bamboo had “allegedly disbanded”. DJ KC Montero of Wave 89.1 confirmed the breakup on Wave’s The KC Show and via Twitter. Montero clarified that all the members of the band “have decided to move on,” and that he does not know why they called it quits.