Why does Peyton punch Brooke?

Why does Peyton punch Brooke?

Season 4. Brooke and Peyton start hating each other because Peyton tells Brooke that she still had feelings for Lucas, Brooke’s then boyfriend. In the episode Some You Give Away, Brooke tells Lucas to tell Peyton he loves her. Peyton is furious and punches Brooke in retaliation, giving her a black eye.

What happens in Season 4 Episode 4 of One Tree Hill?

It was broadcasted on October 11, 2006. Lucas and Brooke, now broken up, clash at a post-game party and Haley realizes that Rachel is plotting to seduce Nathan. Meanwhile, Peyton connects with her half-brother, Rachel reveals that she knows who is pregnant and Antwon takes the court with the Ravens basketball team.

What happens in Season 4 Episode 16 of One Tree Hill?

It was broadcasted on May 2, 2007. It will be an unforgettable Prom at Tree Hill High when Lucas discovers who was in the hallway when Keith was killed. Nathan and Haley vow to be romantic teenagers at Prom, while Dan tries to win Karen’s affections, as the witness to his murder closes in.

Who is Brooke Davis best friend?

Victoria Davis Details: Brooke has always treated Millie more as a friend than a mere assistant, over time Millie has become one of her closest friends and confidants.

Who is pregnant OTH Season 4?

Karen left Tree Hill in season 4 to raise her newborn daughter, Lily Roe Scott. As it turns out, Kelly really was pregnant during her One Tree Hill days, but the real pregnancy came long before her character’s in season 4.

Who is the father of Brooke’s baby?

Eric Milton was the father of the baby that Brooke and Julian Baker were going to adopt. But Eric decided to come back to Chloe and raise their daughter in Tree Hill.

Who beats up Brooke?

Xavier “X” Daniels was a criminal who used to live in Tree Hill. He was responsible for the attack on Brooke Davis and for the murder of Quentin Fields. After taking Brooke’s foster daughter, Sam Walker, and his brother, Jack Daniels, hostage, he was finally brought to justice by Brooke.

Does Lucas get a tattoo?

At one point, Lucas Scott decided to be a little rebellious and get himself a tattoo. Once the storyline made it into the show, the tattoo would disappear and reappear throughout the series.

Who is the father of Peyton baby?

Peyton Sawyer

Peyton Sawyer Scott
Family Mick Wolf (biological father) Ellie Harp (biological mother; deceased) Larry Sawyer (adoptive father) Anna Sawyer (adoptive mother; deceased) Derek Sommers (biological paternal half-brother)
Spouse Lucas Scott (husband)
Children Sawyer Brooke Scott (daughter)

When does One Tree Hill Season 4 start?

Season 4 of One Tree Hill aired its first episode on September 27, 2006 on the CW network and ended on June 13, 2007 with the season finale. This season consists of 21 episodes. “Goodbye Tree Hill High; Graduation nears.

What are the ratings for One Tree Hill?

The season premiere was seen by 3.64 million U.S. viewers and achieved a 1.7 Adults 18-49 rating, up 19% in viewers and 55% in demo from the season 3 finale. Episode 2 hit a season high in the Adults 18-49 demo with a 2.0 rating, while episode 10 hit season highs in viewers with 4.24 million.

What happens at the end of One Tree Hill?

Two weeks later, Deb babysits when Rachel hosts a nostalgic graduation class exit party. Chase and Lucas insist Brooke and Peyton try their career opportunities before returning to them. The Scott brothers gather the courage to visit dad, Dan, in jail, then decide against it, while he fails trying to hang himself.

Who was the victim of the accident in One Tree Hill?

Haley is the victim of an accident and Dan helps out Nathan. This episode is named after an album by 8mm. The aftermath of the events in Tree Hill begins. Lucas returns to his everyday life and tries to rekindle his relationship with Peyton.