Why did intelligence 2014 get Cancelled?

Why did intelligence 2014 get Cancelled?

It ended the season as one of CBS’ lowest rated shows and that sci fi-averse network was unwilling to give it a chance at a second season with better scheduling. The show never seemed to develop much of a fanbase either, so there was little attempt made to save it after the cancellation.

Will there be a season 3 of the show intelligence?

So if a new season is ordered soon, the team might need at least a year to complete production. Therefore, we can expect ‘Intelligence’ season 3 to release sometime in mid-2022 or later.

Will there be a series 2 of intelligence?

Intelligence is finally back! Nick Mohammed and David Schwimmer talk about why they think the show’s second season is even better than the first.

How does intelligence end?

Season 2 ends on a cliffhanger as Jerry is kidnapped At the end of this season, Joseph is fired by Christine. Though we have seen his lack of competence at his job through the entire series, and he has been given numerous warnings about his work performance, it is still a shock to see Joseph dismissed.

Is intelligence series Cancelled?

Intelligence is a Vancouver-based crime drama television series created and written by Chris Haddock starring Ian Tracey and Klea Scott that aired on the CBC. The show was cancelled in 2008. The cancellation led to allegations that fear of the Harper government played a role in the decision.

Is Jimmy Reardon a real person?

Jimmy Reardon is head of the Reardon Crime Family, Jim Reardon is somewhat of an enigma. He has an unrelenting work ethic and a keen sense for business, which he has used to grow the family business substantially….

Jimmy Reardon
Gender Male
Faction Reardon Crime Family
Status Alive

Is Intelligence coming back?

Intelligence: Season Two of David Schwimmer Series Coming to Peacock. New episodes of Intelligence are headed to Peacock. The second season of the David Schwimmer series will arrive on June 17th and viewers will be able to see all six episodes of the series upon release.

Did intelligence get Cancelled?

Will there be a season 3 of Brassic?

Series three will continue to follow the adventures of Vinnie and Erin and their gang of misfits. Danny Brokcklehurt’s northern dark-comedy has returned this week for a third season. Starring Joe Gilgun and Michelle Keegan, the series follows Vinnie and his gang of misfits and their day-to-day antics.

Is Intelligence worth watching?

The show has enough action to keep the pace up in most episodes and the filming quality is decent though a bit of a step down if you are used to American production values. Definitely worth watching if you get the opportunity.

What happened to Jimmy Reardon?

The last we had a glimpse of weed king Jimmy Reardon, he was sinking to the ground in front of his Vancouver club, Chickadee, shot multiple times and bleeding.

Why was intelligence cancelled after only one season?

After the failure of Hostages, the network was hoping for Intelligence to be a ratings hit to fill their Mondays at 10pm timeslot. It wasn’t to be. Despite some impressive star talent and special effects, the show couldn’t draw enough viewers.

Who are the actors in the TV show intelligence?

Gabriel Vaughn 13 episodes, 2014. . Meghan Ory. Riley Neal 13 episodes, 2014. . John Billingsley. Dr. Shenendoah Cassidy 13 episodes, 2014.

Is there going to be season 3 of intelligence?

Intelligence Season 3: Everything We Know. ‘ Intelligence ’ is British comedy series that follows an NSA agent Jerry Bernstein who is teamed up with a computer analyst Joseph Harries to form a cybercrime unit at the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) in the UK.

What are the ratings for intelligence on CBS?

The network debuted it after NCIS on a Tuesday night and the show drew decent numbers but, once it moved to its regular Monday night slot, the ratings tanked. The season of 13 episodes averaged a 1.3 demo rating with 6.85 million viewer, making it one of the lowest-rated shows on the network.