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Who was the lead singer of the We Five?

Who was the lead singer of the We Five?

Beverly Ann Bivens
Beverly (Bev) Ann Bivens (born April 28, 1946) is the former lead singer with the American West Coast folk rock group We Five from 1965 to 1967….Beverly Bivens.

Bev Bivens
Birth name Beverly Ann Bivens
Born April 28, 1946 Santa Ana, California, U.S.
Genres Folk rock, avant-garde jazz
Occupation(s) Singer

What happened to the singing group We Five?

After completing their second album, Make Someone Happy, later in 1966, lead singer Beverly Bivens decided to leave the group. Neither album came close to the success of the earlier Bivens material. In 1970, Stewart, Jones and Fullerton all quit We Five, breaking up the original band.

Where are the We Five from?

San Francisco, California, United States
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Who sang the song you were on my mind?

We Five
You Were On My Mind/Artists

Who wrote you were on my mind?

Sylvia Tyson
You Were On My Mind/Lyricists

What happened to John Stewart of the Kingston Trio?

John Stewart, a member of the Kingston Trio who wrote “Daydream Believer” for the Monkees and recorded more than 40 albums of his own, died Saturday from a stroke surrounded by his family in the same San Diego hospital where he was born.

Who wrote you were on my mind we five?

Who wrote four strong winds?

Ian Tyson
Four Strong Winds/Lyricists

Who wrote can’t help falling in love?

Luigi Creatore
Hugo PerettiGeorge David Weiss
Can’t Help Falling in Love/Lyricists

Are the Kingston Trio brothers?

Three groups at the center of the 1960s Folk Revival continue to delight fans with their smooth musical sounds: The Kingston Trio (“Where Have All the Flowers Gone,” “Tom Dooley”), The Brothers Four (“Try to Remember”) and The Limeliters (“Take My True Love by the Hand”).

When did Beverly Bivens break up with Fred Marshall?

After her marriage to jazz musician Fred Marshall and the break-up of We Five, she sang for a while with the experimental Light Sound Dimension, but, by the late 1960s had largely left the music scene. After many years of relative seclusion, she sang at the opening of an exhibition in San Francisco in 2009.

What kind of voice did Bev Bivens have?

Bob Jones has recalled that “Bev had this husky kind of voice, and somehow there’s this old soul in there”.

Who are the members of the band we Five?

Beverly began singing with Michael and Jerry as a member of The Ridgerunners / Michael Stewart Quintet in 1964. It wasn’t long after joining the band that Frank Werber booked them to play the Hungry i in San Francisco. That night the band’s name was changed to We Five, and the rest is rock and roll history.

Who is the son of Beverly Ann Bivens?

After many years of relative seclusion, she sang at the opening of an exhibition in San Francisco in 2009. Her son is the saxophonist Joshi Marshall . Beverly Ann Bivens was born in Santa Ana, California on April 28, 1946.