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Who sang the theme to Alfie?

Who sang the theme to Alfie?

Dionne Warwick

Who wrote the song What’s it all about Alfie?

Hal David

Who sang Alfie in the 1966 movie?

The title song, “Alfie”, written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David, was sung by Cher over the film’s closing credits in the US release reaching #32 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Who sang whats it all about?

What’s It All About (song)

“What’s It All About”
Label Profile
Songwriter(s) Joseph Simmons, Darryl McDaniels, Jason Mizell
Producer(s) Jam Master Jay, DJ Run, DMC
Run-D.M.C. singles chronology

What’s it all about Alfie original singer?

“Alfie” would not become a Top 15 hit in the US until the spring and summer of 1967 when Dionne Warwick, the most prolific interpreter of Bacharach/David compositions and the composers’ original choice, recorded the song….Dionne Warwick version.

Released March 1967
Recorded 1966
Genre Soul, pop
Length 2:44

What is the story behind the song Alfie?

The composers agreed to submit an “Alfie” song if they could complete it within three weeks. Bacharach, in California, was inspired by a rough cut of the film about the Cockney womanizer played by Michael Caine. David’s lyrics were then set to music by Bacharach.

What is Alfie short for?

Short form of Alfred, from the Old English Aelfraed, which is from the old English aelf, meaning “‘elf” and raed, meaning “counsel” and taken to mean “wise”. Pronounced: al FEE.

What is the movie Alfie about?

Set in postwar London, “Alfie” features Michael Caine as a chauffeur bent on promiscuity. After impregnating his girlfriend he takes off on vacation. He continues his life of womanizing, but he can’t hide forever. A misfortune strikes and Alfie is forced to face the product of his ways.
Alfie/Film synopsis

Who is Burt Bacharach married to?

Jane Hansenm. 1993
Carole Bayer Sagerm. 1982–1991Angie Dickinsonm. 1965–1981Paula Stewartm. 1953–1958
Burt Bacharach/Spouse

Bacharach married his current wife, athlete Jane Hansen, who is 32 years his junior, in 1993. They have two children, a 22-year-old son, Oliver, and a 19-year-old daughter, Raleigh.

Who was the first to sing Alfie?

The versions of “Alfie” by both Cilla Black and Cher were released in Australia in July 1966, with Black’s becoming the major hit at #22; the Cher version’s Australian chart peak was #96. “Alfie” was included in Cher’s album Chér, released in October 1966….Charts.

Chart (1966) Peak position
US Cashbox Sales Chart 32

Who sang the song Alfie?

Todd from Atlanta, GaCher actually sang the song “Alfie” in the 1966 movie and is included on the movie soundtrack. Cher’s version peaked at #32. When Dionne Warwick released her version about 9 months later, it charted higher and is now considered by many, but of course not all, to be the definitive version.

What’s it all about Alfie song?

“What’s it all about, Alfie?” the opening line from the Hal David and Burt Bacharach song inspired by the 1966 film Alfie sums up some of the confusion and misinformation that surrounds the song, the soundtrack and the subsequent album Alfie released by Sonny Rollins on the impulse! label in October 1966.

What’s is all about Alfie?

Alfie is a 1966 British romantic comedy-drama film directed by Lewis Gilbert and starring Michael Caine . It is an adaptation by Bill Naughton of his own novel and play of the same name. The film was released by Paramount Pictures . Alfie tells the story of a young womanising man who leads a self-centred life,…