Who sang lead for The Intruders?

Who sang lead for The Intruders?

The Intruders were originally formed as a doo wop group in 1960, and sang around Philadelphia for several years. Lead singer Sam “Little Sonny” Brown, Eugene “Bird” Daughtry, Phil Terry, and Robert “Big Sonny” Edwards signed with Gamble and Huff’s fledgling Gamble label in 1966.

Who wrote songs for The Intruders?

“Cowboys to Girls” is a 1968 R&B single written by Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff and performed by The Intruders. The single was a crossover hit becoming The Intruders’ first Top 40 single. “Cowboys to Girls” was also The Intruders’ only number one song on the R&B singles chart.

What happened to Little Sonny of The Intruders?

After years of alcohol and drug problems, he committed suicide. R/B Singer. He was born Samuel Brown. He was one of the original members of the musical group The Intruders.

Where is the group The Intruders from?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
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Who are the original members of the intruders?

The Intruders, originally a Philadelphia doo-wop group, was comprised of Edwards, Terry, lead singer Sam “Little Sonny” Brown and Eugene “Bird” Daughtry. They signed with Gamble & Huff’s fledgling Gamble Records in 1966 and scored a Top 20 R&B hit that year with “(We’ll Be) United.”

What year was Cowboys to Girls released?

Cowboys to Girls/Released

Are any members of the intruders still alive?

Edwards died on October 15, 2016 from a heart attack at age 74, leaving Phil Terry as the last surviving original member, as of 2018. The Intruders today include Bobby Starr, Glenn Montgomery and Phil Gay.

Are any of the intruders still alive?

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