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Who played the sheriff in Lilyhammer?

Who played the sheriff in Lilyhammer?

Torp was previously known for her role as sheriff Mette Hansen in season two of the series Lilyhammer. Torp works as a personal fitness trainer.

Does Steve Van Zandt speak Norwegian?

He understands Norwegian, but doesn’t speak it, which happens over there quite often. It’s actually a very tough language. So, the fact that the guy speaks English brings the American audience immediately into the show, and you start to live the show the way the character does, experiencing Norway the way he does.

Who is Angie on Lilyhammer?

Maureen Van Zandt
The actress playing Angie (Maureen Van Zandt) is Steven Van Zandt’s real life wife. The show’s two-part theme song is played adversely during the episode’s run.

How tall is Silje Torp?

1.78 m
Silje Torp Færavaag/Height

How old is Silje Torp?

47 years (October 19, 1974)
Silje Torp Færavaag/Age

Who is Steven Van Zandt wife?

Maureen Van Zandtm. 1982
Steven Van Zandt/Wife
Personal life. Van Zandt married actress Maureen Santoro in New York City on December 31, 1982. Later she portrayed his wife on The Sopranos.

Who dies in Lilyhammer?

Johnny makes a deal with Robert, providing his ring as evidence for Aldo, in New York, that Johnny died in a mutually fatal shootout with Jerry. Laila discovers the two burying Jerry’s body, but allows them to go after learning that Jerry was responsible for Geir’s death.

Was Silje Torp born a woman?

October 19, 1974 (age 47 years), Oslo, Norway
Silje Torp Færavaag/Born

How tall is Silje Torp feet?

Who are the characters in Lilyhammer Season 2?

Henriette Steenstrup (season 2) as Randi; Pål Espen Kilstad (season 2) as Trond; Erik Madsen (season 2) Amy Beth Hayes (season 2) Amit Shah (season 2) as Gareth, a Packard Bell call center employee, whom Frank hires to be his hacker; Richard Skog (season 2) as Odjobb, Frank’s bodyguard; Silje Torp (season 2) as Mette Hansen

Where was the second season of Lilyhammer filmed?

Lilyhammer‘s second season is currently filming in Oslo and Lillehammer, with star and exec producer Steven van Zandt on hand after taking a break from his touring schedule with Bruce Springsteen.

Who are the producers of the show Lilyhammer?

Lilyhammer was developed by Rubicon TV with Red Arrow on international sales. Showrunners are Eilif Skodvin and Anne Bjornstad; producer is Anders Tangen. Lasse Halberg exec produces with van Zandt. Shooting on Season 2 runs through April when van Zandt goes back on tour with Springsteen.

Who is Duncan Hammer in the movie Lilyhammer?

Eight months later, British thief Duncan Hammer ( Paul Kaye) arrives in Lillehammer, looking to sell a Ferrari through car salesman Dag. However, Dag owes money to Johnny and his crew, which now includes the bikers and Jan.