Who is the best player in football 2015?

Who is the best player in football 2015?

Lionel Messi won the award as the World Player of the Year for the fifth time, extending, his own record of five wins.

Is Riyad mahrez practicing Muslim?

Mahrez is a practicing Muslim and in June 2017, he made the Umrah pilgrimage to Mecca. He married his English girlfriend Rita Johal in 2015.

Who was the best striker in 2015?

Top 10 Strikers of 2015/16 (Not named Ronaldo or Messi)

  1. Robert Lewandowski – Bayern Munich – Bundesliga.
  2. Neymar – Barcelona – La Liga.
  3. Luis Suarez – Barcelona – La Liga.
  4. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang – Borussia Dortmund – Bundesliga.
  5. Thomas Muller – Bayern Munich – Bundesliga.
  6. Jamie Vardy – Leicester City – Premier League.

Are there any Muslim football players in England?

The number of Muslim football players is growing in many European leagues. In England, there was one Muslim player at the start of the Premier League in 1992. There were more than 50 by some counts in recent seasons. Here are 50 of the more famous Muslim football players.

Who are some famous football players who converted to Islam?

Many notable players have converted to Islam, such as Franck Ribery. Former Ballon d’Or winner and current president of Liberia George Weah converted to Islam from Christianity before converting back to Christianity.

Who are some famous people that are Muslims?

American hip-hop artist Busta Rhymes, born Trevor Tahiem Smith, Jr., is a proud Muslim and attributes much of his success to the way in which his faith has kept him grounded. In a 2007 interview with Hollywood TV, Rhymes said, “I try to really just understand every aspect about the most high. For me, the most high is Allah…

Why are Muslim football players not allowed to fast?

This isn’t to say religious beliefs don’t affect one’s life. Muslim football players often must train and play matches during Ramadan, despite their religion asking them to fast during daylight hours. Additionally, some Muslim football players have refused to wear jerseys sponsored by gambling companies.