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Who is Taichi girlfriend?

Who is Taichi girlfriend?

In the beginning of the series, Taichi had a girlfriend named Kasumi (香澄) (as revealed in the Light Novel 4) whom he had met her during Junior High School while he had been struggling to keep his passion for Karuta after several set-backs and she called him ‘Ta-kun’, but he has feelings for Chihaya Ayase despite this …

How old is Chihaya?

18 years
Her age is officially 18 years as of Chapter 193.

How tall is Chihaya?


Love Meter
Role Female Protagonist
Anime Chihayafuru
Birthday June,1st
Height 167 cm

Does Taichi still love Chihaya?

After Taichi announces his retirement from the Karuta club, the girl, in tears, chases him and beg him to reconsider it. When he instinctively holds her close to kiss her, she remains paralyzed and stiff. Taichi understands that Chihaya, although genuinely desperate to lose him, is not in love.

Who is Chihaya boyfriend?

Chihayafuru 3×23 – Taichi confesses his love to Chihaya Finally Taichi confess to Chiahaya.

Who did Taichi end up with?

5 years after the breakup, Taichi got an invitation to Futaba’s marriage to another man and it is revealed that Taichi had married Touma who attended Futaba’s wedding on behalf of both of them while Taichi attends Omega’s wedding which was on the same day.

How did Chihaya Ayase get the name Chihayafuru?

Chihaya is devastated by the discovery and hopes to show Arata how far she can take her dream of becoming “Queen” of karuta. The title of the series, “Chihayafuru,” are the first syllables of a Karuta card that Arata once told her was her “namesake” card, a word that means “with deep feeling.”

How is Chihaya Ayase competitive in real life?

She often says the first thing that pops into her head, much to the dismay of those around her and she is also extremely competitive towards anyone she perceives as a rival, friend or foe where she can be very petty.

Who is Chihaya choose at the end of the story?

Chihayafuru 3×23 Taichi confesses his love to Chihaya. Taichi Chihaya kiss Chihayafuru 3×23 – Taichi confesses his love to Chihaya Finally Taichi confess to Chiahaya. Who will Chihaya choose at the end of the story, Taichi or Arata?

What kind of clothes does Chihaya Ayase wear?

Chihaya wears two outfits in two different places: At school, she wears her uniform. When she isn’t at school, she wears fashionable hand-me-down clothes from Chitose Ayase (Chihaya’s older sister). She also wears Daddy Bear clothes, especially when she practices karuta.