Who is number 12 in soccer?

Who is number 12 in soccer?

#12 – Olivier Giroud.

Who is the best number 12 in soccer?

That will definitely be the legendary French striker, Henry Thierry. Though he was known with the numbed 14 jersey with arsenal from 1999–2007, But in his second spell at arsenal in a 2 month loan from New York bulls in 2012, he wore the number 12.

Is 12 a good soccer number?

When substitutes were allowed in soccer (originally there was no subbing) the subs would wear numbers starting at 12 and going up to 17 or so, depending on how many bench players were allowed. In general terms, 1 to 11 remain the most coveted numbers.

Who wears number 13 in soccer?

Michael Ballack wore number 13 for his entire career except in Kaiserslautern. The whole football world is familiar with the German midfielder’s love for the unlucky number 13 shirt. The retired midfielder wore it during his entire career with Bayer Leverkusen, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, and Germany.

How do football jersey numbers work?

Numbers 1 to 19 are worn by quarterbacks, kickers, and punters. Numbers 50 to 59 are worn by linebackers and centers. Numbers 60 to 79 are worn by tackles, guards and defensive linemen (the defensive ends, defensive tackles or nose guard). Numbers 80 to 89 are worn by wide receivers and tight ends.

Why is there no 10 football jersey?

Traditionally, the No. 10 shirt is given to the team’s playmaker or star attacking midfielder. It is a number not to be worn lightly, and one of the shirt numbers that a player must earn.

What is the best soccer jersey number?

The Most Famous Soccer Jersey Numbers

  1. Number 10. The Jersey number 10 is now worn exclusively by the greatest players.
  2. Number 7. Number 7 is worn by Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal.
  3. Number 23. Two players come to mind when you hear or see the number 23; Michael Jordan and David Beckham.
  4. Number 9.

What do soccer jersey numbers mean?

1-Goalkeeper, 2-Right Defender, 3-Left Defender, 4-Stopper, 5- Sweeper/Libero, 6-Right Midfielder, 8-Left Midfielder, 10-Center Midfielder/Play-maker, 9-Center Forward/Striker. Midfielders 6/8 had more defensive roles. So over time numbers got associated with certain key roles AND players.

What position is 14 in soccer?

#14 – Strikers or wingers usually wear this number, famously worn by Thierry Henry, one of, if not the greatest striker of all time. A soccer club would traditionally assign these numbers to specific roles.

What is the best jersey number in soccer?

Who is the only footballer to have the number 12 on his jersey?

12 is a very rare number we see in football. Often Goalkeepers prefer that number (though the common number of most goalkeepers are 1). But still, there are some players who use the number 12, and one of them is Mikel John Obi. Marcelo Veira ‘left full back’ for Real Madrid.

Who is number 12 in the FIFA World Cup?

First and foremost, in the beginning of his professional career with A.S Monaco, Henry Thierry wore the number 12 jersey fromfrom 1994–97. at the FIFA world cup in 1998 and 2006, he wore the number 12 jersey with les blues.

Who is number 9 on a soccer jersey?

9 – the number nine football jersey is worn by pure strikers, deadly anywhere near the penalty area and brilliant finishers. Ronaldo de Lima, Romario, Gabriel Batistuta, Marco Van Basten, Samuel Eto’o and Alan Shearer are some of the great footballers who donned the number 9 shirt.

Who was number 12 in the Monaco team?

Thierry Henry wore number 12 at Monaco, although he was really at his prime when he worked under Arsene Wenger, where he wore the No. 14 jersey.