Who Has Russell Brand interviewed?

Who Has Russell Brand interviewed?

In the podcast Russell Brand interviews a variety of guests from “the world of academia, popular culture and the arts.” A variety of public figures and academics are interviewed including Canadian author, social activist, and filmmaker Naomi Klein, former US Vice-President Al Gore and physicist Brian Cox.

What height is Jeremy Paxman?

1.91 m
Jeremy Paxman/Height

How did Russell Brand get famous?

Russell Edward Brand (born 4 June 1975) is an English comedian, actor, radio host, writer, and activist. After beginning his career as a comedian and later becoming an MTV presenter, Brand first achieved renown in 2004 as the host of Big Brother’s Big Mouth, a Big Brother spin-off.

Does Russell Brand have kids?

Mabel Brand
Russell Brand/Children

Russell Brand has two daughters with Laura Gallacher Mabel Brand was born in November 2016. Though the Brands like to keep much of their family life private, the comedian mentioned Mabel’s birth during a performance.

What happend to Russel Brand?

Since he disappeared from America, Brand has been off trying to make himself useful. For five years now, he has been campaigning to get drug addiction treated as a health issue, rather than a criminal one. He counsels drug addicts in his spare time.

Why did Perry divorce brand?

Katy Perry Said Russell Brand Ended Their Marriage With A Text Message. Just 14 months later, Katy and Russell announced their separation. They cited irreconcilable differences as the reason. In 2012, their divorce was finalized.

Is Paxman ill?

Veteran broadcaster and University Challenge quizmaster Jeremy Paxman has announced he has recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s and his symptoms are “currently mild”. Mr Paxman, 71, said he is receiving “excellent treatment” and plans to keep “broadcasting and writing” for as long as he can.

What university did Paxman attend?

Malvern College
St Catharine’s CollegeCharterhouse School
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What did Russell Brand Study?

Now Brand — who was expelled from several schools, never took A levels and was asked to leave the Italia Conti stage school for drug use and poor attendance — is now focusing on education and has enrolled at SOAS, London University’s School of Oriental and African Studies, to study Religion in Global Politics.

What did Russell Brand suffer from?

He has also been diagnosed with ADHD and bipolar disorder, two factors that likely contributed to the growing cycle of abuse. At the peak of his abuse, there were few drugs Brand wasn’t willing to take. Heroin was a personal favorite, but he also used crack, marijuana, meth, alcohol and hallucinogens.

Who is Russel Brands wife?

Laura Brandm. 2017
Katy Perrym. 2010–2012
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Who is Russell Kane’s partner?

Lindsey Colem. 2014
Sadie Haslerm. 2010–2011
Russell Kane/Spouse
In 2010, Kane married comedian Sadie Hasler, whom he met at school and with whom he attended Middlesex University. They divorced nine months later. He married his second wife, hair and makeup artist Lindsey Cole, in May 2014. They live in Woodford Green.