Who does Hiei fight in the Dark Tournament?

Who does Hiei fight in the Dark Tournament?

The score is 1 – 1 as the third match involves Hiei being pitted against Zeru. The two fight and it seems Zeru has the upper hand, until Hiei unleashes the Dragon of the Darkness and disintegrates Zeru, but at the expense of his right arm. Hiei wins the match and the score is 2 – 1.

Who is the 5th member of Team Urameshi?

Second, the Dark Tournament’s final round requires both teams to have five members. Genkai was killed by Younger Toguro outside the stadium, leaving only Yusuke, Hiei, Kurama and Kuwabara left. Koenma (Team Urameshi’s owner) steps in as the fifth member despite not being a physically skilled fighter.

Who are the main characters of Yu Yu Hakusho?

Youko Kurama
HieiYusuke UrameshiGenkaiKazuma Kuwabara
YuYu Hakusho/Main characters

Are Kurama and Hiei a couple?

Most of the official art shows Hiei and Kurama together. When asked if Kurama and Hiei were an Official Couple, Togashi said that he hadn’t intended them to be but in retrospect, he could have easily done it.

Is Botan a human?

Botan’s ability to stay in the physical realm is changed ever so slightly in the anime, when compared to the manga. In the anime, she mentions she has a “human body”, implying it’s a container which allows her soul to interact, yet when called back to the Spirit Realm, she simply changes her clothes and flies back.

What is Hiei last name?

Overview. Hiei (or “Flying Shadow”) a.k.a. Jaganshi Hiei(Jaganshi is a title, not a surname, meaning “master of the evil eye”) is a main character in the anime and manga series YuYu Hakusho by Yoshihiro Togashi. Hiei’s seiyū is provided by Nobuyuki Hiyama in the original anime.

Who plays Hiei?

Nobuyuki HiyamaYu Yu Hakusho
Hiei/Voiced by

How old is Hiei?

Series Yu Yu Hakusho
Age 29-30
Birthday Unknown
Sex Male

Are Hiei and Kuwabara friends?

Hiei – Hiei fought and was defeated by Urameshi in the Artifacts of Darkness arc. Kazuma Kuwabara – Yusuke and Kuwabara were high school rivals in the beginning. but once they started fighting together at the Dark Tournament, they became best friends.

How tall is Hiei in the Dark Tournament?

Hiei is the shortest of the four main characters at only 4′ 10″ during the Dark Tournament (excluding his hair) as stated by Juri. At the end of the series, an artbook puts him at 5′ 3″. His height is never mentioned in the anime or manga, aside from the DT reference.

Why was Hiei meant to be a starter villain?

Hiei was only meant to be a starter villain but he was so popular that he became a main character. Mari Kitayama, a lead character designer for the anime adaptation, considers Hiei to be her favorite to design.

What kind of character is Hiei in YuYu Hakusho?

Hiei prefers to keep his distance from others, so he often comes across as aloof and elusive. He has a rather cynical and even misanthropic view of the world around him, often belittling and mocking humans and their emotions and the significance they place on friendship and life.

Who is in the finals of the Dark Tournament?

Hiei strengthens himself to prepare to release the Dragon of the Darkness Flame without crippling his arm again. Yusuke tests his new Spirit Gun power and shoots a much more powerful spirit gun blast for Genkai’s sake. The Dark Tournament finals start off with the first match between Team Toguro’s Karasu and Team Urameshi’s Kurama.